Miriam Margoyles dishes on her dislike for Lily Allen and her awkward interaction with Matthew Perry on the Graham Norton show

  • Miriam Margoyles confessed her dislike for singer Lily Allen after meeting her on the Graham Norton show in 2014.
  • She also expressed regret over her interaction with Friends star Matthew Perry during the same show.
  • Miriam did not hold back in sharing her candid thoughts at the Hay Festival about her experiences with various celebrities on the Graham Norton show.

Hey there! So, let me tell you all about the latest tea that TV personality and actress Miriam Margoyles spilled about the one and only Lily Allen. Picture this – Miriam was chilling on the Graham Norton show back in 2014 when she crossed paths with Lily. And boy, oh boy, did things not go as planned!

Now, Miriam has mingled with quite a few big shots on the show, from will.i.am to Daniel Radcliffe, but for some reason, Lily just didn’t vibe with her. Yikes!

During a chat at the Hay Festival, Miriam spilled the beans about her encounter with Lily, revealing that the singer seemed to have a bit of a diva moment. Miriam basically felt like Lily thought the universe revolved around her when they were on the show together. Talk about an awkward first impression!

To top it off, Miriam straight up admitted, “She wasn’t friendly and I didn’t like that, and so I showed my dislike.” Oof, shade alert! Miriam even mentioned that Lily was like, “Miriam who?” Uh, rude much?

But hey, Miriam owned up to her actions, saying she should have been the bigger person and taught Lily a lesson or two about kindness. It happens, right?

And wait, it doesn’t stop there. Miriam also didn’t hold back when dishing out her thoughts on other celebs. She called out John Cleese for becoming a total you-know-what and labeled Bill Oddie as not so nice. Sounds like she’s got beef with a few stars!

But the real kicker was when she brought up her awkward encounter with Friends star Matthew Perry on the Graham Norton show. Apparently, things got pretty uncomfortable real quick. Matthew was left speechless when Miriam decided to ask him if he had a drinking problem. Awkward!

Looking back, Miriam expressed some regrets about putting poor Matthew on the spot like that. She admitted that maybe she should have kept the conversation light and breezy. Lesson learned, right?

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