Michael Keaton Talks Beetlejuice Merchandising and Returns to Iconic Character for Sequel

  • Keaton talks about the surreal experience of returning to his Beetlejuice character after all these years.
  • He had to look past the mainstream merchandising and rediscover the quirky source of his character.
  • Keaton feels proud of his performance in the upcoming Beetlejuice sequel, praising the movie and director Tim Burton.

Hey there! So, let’s talk about Michael Keaton and his thoughts on the merchandising of his iconic character, Beetlejuice.

Picture this: Michael Keaton, the man behind the ghoul Betelgeuse in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice back in 1988, sitting down for an interview with Empire magazine. He spills the beans on how surreal it was to step back into the shoes of this quirky character for the upcoming Beetlejuice sequel.

Now, imagine Keaton’s face when he recalls seeing his face plastered on everything from coffee mugs to golf club covers. Yup, he describes the whole merchandising experience as “fucking weird.” Can you blame him? Imagine looking at shelves full of Beetlejuice knick-knacks and thinking, “Man, what happened to the essence of my character?”

But fear not, folks! Keaton managed to shake off the commercial craziness and get back to the heart of Betelgeuse for the sequel. And boy, does he love it! He’s all praises for the movie, saying he unabashedly loves it (and trust me, he doesn’t throw that phrase around lightly). In fact, Burton himself was in awe of Keaton’s performance, comparing it to being possessed by a demon (in the best way possible, of course).

And let’s not forget about the star-studded cast joining Keaton in this Beetlejuice bonanza. Jenna Ortega, Winona Ryder, Monica Bellucci, Willem Dafoe, Justin Theroux, and Catherine O’Hara are all on board for the ride.

So, get ready for some more hilarious antics, spooky moments, and maybe a few more merchandise items featuring the lovable ghoul. And hey, if you enjoyed this sneak peek into Keaton’s Beetlejuice journey, don’t forget to share this article with your fellow fans. Who knows, you might just make someone’s day with a dose of Beetlejuice nostalgia!

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