Hairspray’s Nikki Blonsky ties the knot with Hailey Jo Jenson in secret ceremony!

  • Nikki Blonsky, the Hairspray actress, recently revealed she married her longtime partner Haley Jo Jenson in a private ceremony over six months ago.
  • The couple exchanged vows on October 21, 2023, and Nikki described the experience as "super special."
  • Nikki shared that marriage was never a goal for her until she met Haley, and they decided to announce their marriage in time for Pride Month.

Hey there! Have you heard the exciting news about “Hairspray” star Nikki Blonsky tying the knot with her long-time partner, Hailey Jo Jenson? That’s right, the bubbly actress revealed that they eloped in a private ceremony over six months ago, and boy, is she over the moon about it!

In an interview with Out magazine, Nikki spilled the beans about their secret wedding on October 21, 2023. She couldn’t help but gush about how special the day was and how all she really cared about was marrying Hailey. Talk about #RelationshipGoals!

Now, here’s the kicker – marriage wasn’t even on Nikki’s radar until she met Hailey. But once she found her person, she knew she had to make it official. And what better time to share their love story than during Pride Month, right?

Nikki explained that seeing her brother walk down the aisle inspired her to come out with the news. She wanted to be able to proudly call Hailey her wife and show the world just how much love they have for each other. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good love story, especially during Pride Month?

So, to Nikki and Hailey – congrats, lovebirds! Here’s to a lifetime of happiness and love together. And to all our readers out there, don’t forget to spread the love by sharing this heartwarming story with your friends and family. Because let’s face it, everyone deserves a little love and happiness in their lives. Cheers to Nikki and Hailey!

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