Flee-mates Ant & Dec create chaos on BGT as show comes to screeching halt!

  • The Dark Hero made a political statement in his BGT performance by expressing support for Ukraine
  • Viewers were divided over Ant and Dec’s reaction to The Dark Hero’s statement
  • The BGT 2024 final airs tomorrow night on ITV1 at 8pm

Hey there, folks! So, let’s dive into the wild world of BGT 2024, where things got a bit spicy with a contestant named The Dark Hero. This dude decided he wasn’t ready to leave the stage and had some words to share, much to the chagrin of hosts Ant and Dec. Talk about unexpected drama, right?

So, picture this – The Dark Hero, dressed as Batman, belts out a rendition of “Let It Go” from Frozen. Sounds like a match made in superhero heaven, right? But things took a turn when Ant and Dec tried to give him the ol’ hook, signaling it was time to exit stage left. However, The Dark Hero had other plans, my friends.

Instead of making a swift exit, our caped crusader used his moment in the spotlight to drop a bombshell – a political statement about Ukraine. Cue the awkward glances and teeth gritting from Dec as The Dark Hero stood his ground on the stage. Talk about a plot twist!

Meanwhile, Ant and Dec were doing their best impression of speed-walking away from the chaos, trying to salvage what was left of the live show. It was like a game of “get me outta here” as they tried to distance themselves from the unexpected controversy.

And the folks at home? Well, they were divided over the whole ordeal. Some were all about supporting Ukraine, while others were scratching their heads at the sudden turn of events. Twitter was buzzing with reactions, with one viewer even claiming that Ant and Dec couldn’t escape fast enough. It was like they were trying to outrun a runaway train of drama!

But fear not, dear readers, the BGT madness doesn’t end there. The final is on the horizon, ready to bring us more unexpected twists and turns. Tune in tomorrow night to catch all the action and see if Ant and Dec can dodge any more unexpected political statements. The drama never ends on Britain’s Got Talent, that’s for sure!

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