Taylor Swift: The Ultimate BFF – Lifting Up Cara Delevingne During Tour Siesta!

  • Taylor Swift flew to London to support Cara Delevingne’s play, "Cabaret"
  • Swifties were excited to see her confirmed attendance at the West End production
  • Swift showed unconditional support to her friends, with recent support from Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Alright, so here’s the scoop. Taylor Swift hopped on a flight to London to show some love to her good buddy Cara Delevingne during her play Cabaret. Yep, that’s right, the Queen of pop herself made a special appearance at the KitKatClub in London.

Swifties everywhere were buzzing with excitement when rumors started swirling about Taylor’s London visit. And guess what? It was all true! Arthur Jones, who works at the venue, even confirmed it on social media. A fan tweeted in disbelief, “Taylor Swift at Cabaret?? Tonight??!” and Jones replied with a simple “can confirm. a special night.”

After rocking out in Madrid, Taylor decided to make a detour to support her long-time pal Cara. She caught Cara’s second to last performance before the play wrapped up, and then she’s off to Lyon, France for her own show at the Groupama Stadium. Talk about a busy schedule!

But Taylor isn’t just a giver when it comes to supporting her friends, she’s also on the receiving end of some serious love. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds showed up to her Madrid shows to cheer her on, proving that the love goes both ways.

Speaking of love, Taylor and Cara were spotted hanging out in New York City back in 2016, looking as cute as ever. They’ve been friends for years, and it’s clear that their bond is as strong as ever.

Now, let’s talk about Taylor’s setlist in Madrid. She rocked the stage with hits like “Betty” from her album Folklore, where she famously name-dropped Blake and Ryan’s daughters. The crowd went wild as she belted out the lyrics, and it was a moment to remember for sure.

After her shows in Madrid, Taylor took to Instagram to thank her fans for the “magical nights.” She shared a bunch of photos from the concerts and poured her heart out, expressing her gratitude for the electrifying crowds in Madrid. Next stop, Lyon!

So there you have it, folks. Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne, two powerhouse women showing love and support for each other in the best way possible. Let’s spread the love and share this article with our friends. Who knows, it might just make someone’s day brighter!

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