BBC Rumored to Sign “The Traitors” Star Mollie for Strictly 2024 Series: Competitors Include Harry, Paul, and This Morning’s Dave Fishwick

  • BBC rumored to be interested in signing The Traitors star Mollie for Strictly 2024 series
  • Competition also includes Harry and Paul from The Traitors
  • This Morning’s Dave Fishwick reportedly excited to join Strictly 2024 series

Hey there! Have you heard the latest scoop in the dancing world? Apparently, the BBC is eyeing a standout star from The Traitors for the upcoming Strictly series in 2024. Can you imagine the drama and sparkle on the dancefloor if this happens?

So, who is this mysterious star that has caught the BBC’s attention? None other than Mollie Pearce from The Traitors! Rumor has it that after a double-cross in the final by Harry Clark, Mollie might just shimmy her way into the Strictly spotlight. But hold on to your sequins, because she’s not the only one vying for a spot.

Harry and Paul Gorton are also reportedly in the mix, ready to tango their way into the competition. It seems like a battle royale is brewing, and Mollie will have to put on her dancing shoes and fend off the competition if she wants a shot at the prestigious Strictly title.

And you know what’s even more exciting? This Morning’s very own Dave Fishwick is rumored to have signed up for the show as well! Can you imagine the fun and banter he’ll bring to the dancefloor? Autumn can’t come soon enough!

But wait, there’s more! Mollie’s potential appearance on Strictly could also be a huge moment for representation, especially for people with disabilities like her. It’s always heartwarming to see diversity and inclusivity shine through in the world of dance.

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