Ryan Long Roasts De Niro as ‘Old Man Shouting at Clouds’ Again!

  • De Niro’s embarrassing performance at the Trump trials provided comedy material for Ryan Long
  • Long and his co-host mocked De Niro’s fear-mongering and accusations against Trump
  • Long called out De Niro’s lack of credibility and mocked his tough-guy persona

Alright, buckle up folks, because we’re diving into the hilarious world of Ryan Long and his take on Robert De Niro’s recent antics at the Trump trial. Get ready for some serious comedy gold that even late-night hosts are missing out on.

So, picture this: Ryan Long, a Canadian native who doesn’t play by the rules of the Right or the Left, takes aim at film legend De Niro’s appearance at the Trump trial in New York City. De Niro stumbled through a fear mongering speech that had Long and his “Boyscast” co-host, Danny Polishchuk, rolling in podcast fodder.

De Niro, in true dramatic fashion, gave the Biden administration a famous face to rally for Trump’s prosecution. He ended up yelling at New Yorkers who didn’t share his views, with Long and Polishchuk calling him out on his over-the-top performance.

Long couldn’t help but point out the absurdity of De Niro’s claims that Trump wants to destroy New York and the world. I mean, come on, we all survived four years of Trump without the world falling apart. Long and Polishchuk couldn’t resist poking fun at De Niro’s doomsday predictions, calling him out as an “old man yelling at the clouds.”

And let’s not forget Long’s epic takedown of De Niro’s “fake tough-guy persona.” Long wasn’t afraid to point out that De Niro is just a drama kid at heart who could easily be prancing around Broadway if he wasn’t busy starring in mob movies.

In a world where everyone is afraid to call out the ridiculousness of celebrity antics, Ryan Long fearlessly takes them to task with wit and humor. So the next time you see an old man shouting at clouds, just remember, Ryan Long is here to give you the comedic commentary you didn’t know you needed.

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