Glen Powell Interested in Playing Batman: A Closer Look at His Potential Role in the DC Universe

  • Glen Powell might be considering joining the DC Universe, expressing interest in playing Batman.
  • Despite previous reports indicating he had no interest in portraying a superhero, Powell mentioned Batman as a potential role he would consider.
  • Powell shared that his take on Batman would likely be closer to Michael Keaton’s portrayal of the character.


Are you ready to hear some juicy gossip about Glen Powell and the DC Universe? Well, buckle up, because this article is about to spill the tea on which superhero role Powell would be willing to tackle!

So, for those who don’t know, Glen Powell is the hot new talent making waves in Hollywood. From his roles in “Top Gun: Maverick” to “Anyone But You,” he’s got everyone talking. And you know who else is talking? Comic book fans. They’ve been speculating like crazy about which superhero role Powell could take on in the Marvel and DC Universe.

But hold your horses, because a recent report by THR sent shockwaves through the fandom. It was revealed that Powell had no interest in suiting up as a superhero, crushing the hopes and dreams of many.

During a tour of Warner Bros. studios, Powell let slip that there was one DC Universe hero he wouldn’t mind embodying. Drum roll, please… Batman! Yes, you heard that right. Powell would be down to play the caped crusader, but with a twist. He mentioned that his take on Batman would be more in line with Michael Keaton’s portrayal, blending that classic Batman vibe with a hint of Powell magic.

It’s pretty cool that Powell has a soft spot for Batman and even name-dropped Keaton in his discussion. Keaton’s version of Batman was all about mixing serious storytelling with a dash of comic book craziness, and it seems like Powell wants to follow in his footsteps. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Powell donning the cape and cowl in the future if the right script comes along!

So, superhero fans, keep your eyes peeled for any updates on Powell and the DC Universe. And hey, if you enjoyed this article, why not share it with your friends? Let’s spread the word and get everyone talking about Powell as the next Batman (fingers crossed)!

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