Pogo Stick Drama: Fans Cry Foul as Duncan’s Act Raises Eyebrows!

  • BGT semi-final featured Duncan Murray on a pogo stick
  • Judges divided on Duncan’s act with Simon being unimpressed
  • Fans criticized Duncan’s pre-recorded act on social media

So, Britain’s Got Talent was on last night and things got a little bouncy with Duncan Murray and his pogo stick act. Now, let me tell you, fans weren’t exactly thrilled with what they saw.

Duncan, the Canadian daredevil, wowed everyone during his auditions by jumping over Ant and Dec on his trusty pogo stick. But last night, he took things up a notch. In a pre-recorded segment, Duncan was seen leaping over cars like it was just another day at the office before heading inside for the main event.

Once on stage, Duncan was joined by two other pogo stickers, bouncing around like a trio of caffeinated kangaroos. They did flips, they jumped boxes, and at one point, Duncan even jumped over the judges and their table. Talk about taking risks!

Now, the judges had mixed feelings about Duncan’s act. While Amanda, Alesha, and Bruno were full of praise, Simon wasn’t quite feeling it. He thought having the two extra pogo stickers stole some of Duncan’s thunder. Tough crowd, Simon.

But here’s where the drama really starts. Fans weren’t happy. Nope, not one bit. They took to Twitter faster than Duncan on his pogo stick to air their grievances. One fan ranted about the act being partially pre-recorded, questioning the fairness of it all. Another fan just straight up called it “nonsense.” And then there was the one who demanded to know how many attempts Duncan had to get it right, while the other acts only get one shot. Ouch.

Of course, there were some fans who enjoyed the act and appreciated the uniqueness Duncan brought to the stage. And let’s be real, it’s not every day you see someone bouncing around like a pro on a pogo stick.

But the real question remains – is it fair for an act to be partially pre-recorded in a live competition? Some fans say no way, while others are willing to give Duncan a pass for his creativity.

So, as Britain’s Got Talent continues, let’s see what other surprises are in store. Who knows, maybe we’ll get to see more pogo stick action or maybe a whole new kind of talent that will leave us all in awe.

Tune in tomorrow night at 8pm on ITV1 and ITVX to catch all the action.

And remember, whether you’re a fan of Duncan’s pogo stick skills or not, one thing’s for sure – Britain’s Got Talent always knows how to keep us entertained, for better or for bouncier.

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