Lizzo Reacts to South Park’s Ozempic Jokes: Embracing Self-Love and Confidence

– Lizzo reacts to South Park’s Ozempic jokes
– South Park episode takes aim at weight-loss drugs
– Lizzo remains confident and unbothered by the jokes

Hey there! So, you know how Lizzo’s all about embracing your body and loving yourself the way you are, right? Well, it seems like the folks over at “South Park” decided to poke a little fun at her in their latest episode involving weight-loss drugs like Ozempic.

So, in this special episode called “South Park: The End of Obesity” that premiered on Paramount+, they took a jab at using drugs for weight loss, including Lizzo in their jokes. Apparently, they even named a weight-loss drug after her, which is prescribed to people who can’t afford the likes of Ozempic.

Naturally, Lizzo caught wind of this and shared her reaction on TikTok. She watched a clip from the show and, despite the unflattering jokes, she had the best response. She basically said, “That’s crazy. I just feel like, damn, I’m really that bitch.”

But wait, there’s more! She went on to point out that she’s out here teaching the world how to love themselves and not care about what others think. She was like, “I really showed the world how to love yourself and not give a f**k to the point where these men in Colorado know who the f**k I am and put it on their cartoon that’s been around for 25 years.”

How cool is that? Lizzo’s handling it like a boss and showing everyone that self-love and confidence are the way to go. So, let’s all take a page out of Lizzo’s book and rock those curves with pride! Share this article with your friends and spread the love!

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