The Rise and Fall of Clapter: Late-night Comedy’s Love Affair with Politics

– Clapter in comedy refers to jokes that make the audience applaud and agree instead of laugh, often seen in late-night TV shows.
– Late-night TV hosts like Colbert, Kimmel, and Meyers often use clapter to mock Republicans, especially targeting Trump.
– Some comedians like Shane Gillis and Ryan Long avoid clapter and focus on being funny without being politically biased.

Hey there, comedy fans! Let’s talk about clapter – the love child of laughter and applause that late-night comedians just can’t get enough of. If you’re tired of hearing Trump jokes that are more about making a political statement than making you laugh, you might be nodding your head in agreement already.

So, what exactly is clapter? Well, according to the Urban Dictionary, it’s when a comedian cracks a joke that’s more about getting the audience to applaud and agree with them than actually tickling their funny bone. It’s the kind of comedy that’s popular with hack comedians and their die-hard fans. You know the type – the ones who can’t resist taking shots at politicians like shooting fish in a barrel.

But clapter isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s been around since at least the ’90s, when author Amanda Filipacchi first coined the term to describe a hipster magician’s act that got more applause than laughter. And thanks to the reign of Trump, it’s become the bread and butter of late-night comedians like Colbert, Kimmel, and Meyers.

These comedians have turned their monologues into anti-Trump rallies, with jokes that are more about bashing Republicans than actually being funny. Need examples? Just tune into any late-night show, and you’ll hear quips about Trump’s cognitive abilities, Biden’s coolness factor, and everything in between.

But how did we get here? Blame it on Trump. When the real estate mogul entered the political arena, late-night comedy took a hard left turn, throwing all its weight behind Hillary Clinton and taking every opportunity to slam Trump. And the audiences lapped it up, giving the comedians more applause than they knew what to do with.

But not everyone is a fan of clapter. Even liberals are getting tired of the same old jokes about Trump, and they’re speaking out on social media. They want comedians to go back to making them laugh instead of just stroking their political egos. And there’s hope on the horizon, with rebel comedians like Shane Gillis and Andrew Schulz who aren’t afraid to call out anyone who deserves it.

So, if you’re over the clapter craze, check out these comedy rebels who are keeping it real and making comedy great again. And if you enjoyed this article, why not share it with your fellow comedy lovers? Let’s spread some laughter and leave the clapter behind.

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