Tamar Braxton says “I’d rather stay fabulous than argue with #RHOA b****es!”

– Tamar Braxton turned down an offer to join the Real Housewives of Atlanta, citing that “all money ain’t good money” and expressing her disinterest in getting into arguments with other women for no reason.
– She explained her decision further, stating that she prefers projects that are positive, funny, relatable, and epic, and expressed concerns about the current cast of the show.
– Despite declining the RHOA offer, Braxton is not completely against reality TV and is open to projects that align with her values and interests.

Hey there fabulous reader! So, let’s dive into the juicy details of Tamar Braxton’s recent revelation about turning down an offer to join the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Can you even imagine Tamar on that show? It would have been an explosion of drama and sass!

In a recent interview on Carlos King’s podcast, Reality with the King, Tamar spilled the tea on why she said no to being a part of the RHOA crew. She straight up said, “All money ain’t good money.” Can I get an amen to that? Tamar ain’t about to waste her time arguing with a bunch of b***hes while getting her wig put on and face beat. She’s got better things to do, honey!

Tamar got real about why she passed on the opportunity, stating, “What does that do for me in my life? What’s the argument?” Preach, girl! She knows her worth and ain’t about to compromise her mental well-being just for some drama on TV. Tamar is all about projects that make her feel good, funny, relatable, and epic. We feel you, Tamar!

But hold up, Tamar did mention that she’s a fan of the show. She’s just worried about the lack of seasoned cast members like Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore. Tamar wants to see her fellow Black queens shining in a positive light, not just being portrayed as drama queens. Can we get a hallelujah for that?

So, while Tamar may have said no to joining the RHOA squad, she’s definitely not opposed to reality TV in the future. She’s just waiting for the right project that aligns with her values and brings positivity to the screen. We can’t wait to see what Tamar Braxton has in store for us next!

If you want to hear all the juicy details straight from Tamar herself, make sure to check out her full interview on Reality with the King. It’s a must-listen for any Tamar fan or reality TV junkie!

So, what do you think about Tamar’s decision to reject the RHOA offer? Do you agree with her stance on not wanting to argue with a bunch of b***hes on TV? Share your thoughts with us and spread the word about Tamar’s wise words. Let’s keep it positive and drama-free, just like Tamar would want!

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