“Susan Lucci Declines Offer to Become First Golden Bachelorette, Reveals Love for Bachelor Franchise”

– Susan Lucci was contacted about potentially becoming the first Golden Bachelorette but ultimately decided it wasn’t for her.
– ABC never formally offered Lucci the role, and she became a fan of the Bachelor franchise through her late mother.
– The Golden Bachelorette premiered on ABC in the fall, with Joan Vassos being the lead after contestant Gerry Turner’s failed engagement.

Guess who was almost the first Golden Bachelorette? Yep, Susan Lucci! The soap star, known for her role in All My Children, revealed that ABC contacted her publicist about the opportunity. But hold up, before you start picturing Susan handing out roses left and right, she quickly shut down the idea.

In an interview with People, the 77-year-old actress confessed that while she loves watching The Bachelor franchise, being the Golden Bachelorette just wasn’t her cup of tea. ABC’s offer may have been tempting, but Susan decided to pass on the chance to find love on national television. Can we blame her? It’s a tough world out there in Bachelor Nation.

ABC never formally offered Susan the role, so it seems like we won’t be seeing her handing out roses anytime soon. However, it’s no secret that Susan is a huge fan of the show, thanks to her late mother who introduced her to the world of The Bachelor. Who would have thought that the Emmy-winning actress would become addicted to watching contestants vying for love on national television? It just goes to show you that you’re never too old to get sucked into reality TV drama.

Speaking of love, Susan was married to Helmet Huber for over five decades until his passing in 2022. The couple shared two children, Liza and Andreas, and Susan has been navigating life as a widow ever since. But hey, life goes on, and who knows, maybe Susan will find love in the most unexpected places.

In the meantime, ABC has been keeping Bachelor Nation on their toes with the Golden spinoff of The Bachelor. After widow Gerry Turner’s rollercoaster journey on the show, contestant Joan Vassos emerged as the first Golden Bachelorette lead. The drama never stops in this franchise, and we’re all eagerly waiting to see if Joan will find her happily ever after on national television.

But wait, before you start planning your Bachelor viewing parties, just know that not everyone is keen on the idea of finding love on TV. Take Kathie Lee Gifford, for example. The Today show anchor made it clear that she’s not interested in diving into the Bachelor world anytime soon. With her witty remarks about hot tubs and getting to know someone’s middle name before hopping into bed, Kathie Lee is definitely the voice of reason in this whirlwind of televised romance.

So, Bachelor Nation, get ready for the premiere of The Golden Bachelorette this fall! Will Joan Vassos find true love? Will we see more unexpected twists and turns in the quest for the perfect match? Grab your popcorn, settle in on the couch, and get ready for another season of love, drama, and maybe even a few happy endings. And hey, don’t forget to share this article with your fellow Bachelor aficionados. Let’s spread the love (and the laughs) together! Cheers to the golden age of televised romance!

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