Stacey Solomon adds ducklings to her growing brood at Pickle Cottage with delight.

– Stacey Solomon welcomes ducklings into her family and asks fans for help in naming them
– She shares her excitement on social media and thanks Luisa Zissman for the gift
– Stacey also celebrates her son Rex’s fifth birthday with a touching message and photos on Instagram

Stacey Solomon, the queen of Pickle Cottage, has added some adorable new members to her ever-growing family – ducklings! Yes, you read that right, Stacey is now officially a duck mum and couldn’t be happier about it. In a delightful Instagram post, she announced the arrival of the new little darlings and shared her excitement at having them join the Swash-Solomon brood.

Not one to do things by halves, Stacey even enlisted the help of her friend Luisa Zissman to acquire the ducklings. Thanking Luisa for the gift, Stacey gushed about her long-held dream of becoming a duck mum. And now, with the feathered newcomers settling in at Pickle Cottage, Stacey is relishing in her newfound role as their loving mother.

In true Stacey style, she turned to her fans for help in naming the ducklings. Suggestions flooded in, from the quirky “Ham and Cheese” to the classic “Donald and Daisy.” It seems the possibilities are endless when it comes to naming these adorable little creatures.

But that’s not all that’s been happening at Pickle Cottage lately. Stacey also celebrated her son Rex’s fifth birthday this week, marking another milestone in their family journey. The sweet birthday message she shared on Instagram, accompanied by heartwarming photos of Rex, Joe, and herself, reflected the deep love and joy that Rex brings to their lives every day.

As fans expressed their disbelief at how quickly time flies, Stacey and Joe shared their joy in raising their blended family, which includes Rex and daughters Rose and Belle. With Stacey’s sons Zachary and Leighton from previous relationships, and Joe’s son Harry from a previous engagement, their family is as vibrant and loving as ever.

And let’s not forget the emotional moment when Stacey revealed that she had been a victim of robbery, leaving her absolutely devastated. Despite the challenges she faces, Stacey’s resilience and strength shine through, showing us all that she is a true warrior and a loving mother above all.

So, whether she’s cuddling ducklings at Pickle Cottage, celebrating birthdays with her beautiful family, or overcoming obstacles with grace and humor, Stacey Solomon is a force to be reckoned with. And we can’t wait to see what exciting adventures and heartwarming moments she will share next. Join us in celebrating the magic of Stacey Solomon and her ever-growing family – it’s a joyous journey filled with love, laughter, and lots of duckling cuddles!

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