Dennis Quaid transforms into Reagan in hilarious ‘Reagan’ trailer, journey to White House teased!

– The trailer for “Reagan” stars Dennis Quaid as Ronald Reagan and follows his journey from childhood to the White House.
– The film captures major events in Reagan’s life, including his time in Hollywood, as governor of California, and eventually as U.S. president.
– Featuring a star-studded cast, “Reagan” is set to hit theaters on August 30th.

Hey there, fellow history buffs and movie lovers! Have you seen the trailer for the upcoming film “Reagan” yet? If not, let me give you a rundown of what you can expect from this epic biopic featuring Dennis Quaid as the iconic 40th U.S. President, Ronald Reagan.

The trailer takes us on a journey from Reagan’s humble beginnings in a dusty small town to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, and finally to the White House. It’s a cinematic rollercoaster ride of overcoming the odds, all narrated through the unique perspective of Viktor Petrovich, a former KGB agent who witnessed Reagan’s rise to power.

Set against the backdrop of the Cold War, the trailer kicks off with Quaid delivering a powerful line as an older Reagan, reminding us that there’s nothing a retired governor can’t do as president. We get a glimpse of Reagan’s life, from facing off against childhood bullies to his leadership of the Screen Actors Guild, and ultimately his journey to becoming the leader of the free world.

One of the highlights of the trailer is Penelope Ann Miller’s portrayal of First Lady Nancy Reagan, urging her husband to make a difference in the world. It’s a touching moment that gives us a glimpse into the personal side of the Reagans.

And let’s talk about the star-studded cast! Jon Voight as Viktor Petrovich, Mena Suvari as Reagan’s first wife Jane Wyman, Lesley-Anne Down as Margaret Thatcher, David Henrie as teenage Reagan, Kevin Dillon as Jack Warner, and Amanda Righetti and Justin Chatwin as Reagan’s parents – talk about a lineup of talent!

“Reagan” is set to hit theaters on Aug. 30, and we can’t wait to see Quaid bring this legendary figure to life on the big screen. So mark your calendars and get ready for a journey through history with a touch of Hollywood magic.

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