What shocking revelation did Angelina Jolie’s NDAs hide in Brad Pitt winery case?

– Angelina Jolie has to produce years’ worth of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in the court case involving Brad Pitt’s winery.
– The judge ruled in Brad Pitt’s favor, requiring Jolie to provide the NDAs for review.
– This decision is seen as a win for Pitt in the ongoing legal battle over the couple’s shared assets.

Hey there, wine lovers and Brangelina aficionados! Have you heard the latest scoop on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s ongoing court battle over their winery? Well, buckle up, because things are getting juicy!

In a recent court ruling, a judge has ordered Angelina Jolie to produce years’ worth of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in relation to the winery business she co-owns with ex-hubby Brad Pitt. And let me tell you, that’s a whole lot of paperwork to sift through!

Now, you may be wondering why all the fuss over these NDAs. Well, the crux of the matter lies in Brad Pitt’s claim that Angelina Jolie is preventing him from having access to crucial financial and business information regarding their winery. And if you know anything about Pitt’s love for wine-making, you can understand why he’s eager to get his hands on those documents.

But Angelina, being the fierce queen that she is, has been fighting tooth and nail to keep those NDAs under wraps. However, the judge’s ruling means that she will have to pony up and reveal those secret agreements to her ex-hubby.

So, what does this mean for the future of their winery business? Will Brad Pitt finally get the information he needs to move forward? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure – this court case is far from over, and the drama is only just beginning!

So, grab a glass of your favorite vino, sit back, and enjoy the show as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt duke it out in court. And don’t forget to share this article with your fellow wine enthusiasts – because who doesn’t love a good celebrity legal battle over a glass of wine, am I right? Cheers to that!

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