Alec Baldwin indulges in frozen treats with daughter and granddaughter at museum!

– Alec Baldwin spends time with granddaughter at Museum of Ice Cream with daughter Ireland
– Ireland Baldwin shares photos and videos of family outing on Instagram
– Alec Baldwin jokes about being tortured by granddaughter and expresses openness to reality show about family

Hey there, ice cream lovers and Alec Baldwin fans! It’s time to dish up some scoops of fun as we dive into the sweet adventure that Alec Baldwin, his daughter Ireland, and granddaughter Holland embarked on at the Museum of Ice Cream in New York City.

Picture this: Alec Baldwin, the witty and talented 67-year-old actor best known for his role in “Boss Baby,” stepping into a wonderland of ice cream with his adorable 1-year-old granddaughter Holland and daughter Ireland. What a trio!

The fun-filled outing was captured in a series of photos and videos shared by Ireland on Instagram. She jokingly mentioned “torturing granddaddy pop pop peepaw (it’s a working title)” by dragging him to the Museum of Ice Cream. Now, who wouldn’t want to be tortured with unlimited ice cream, right?

But wait, it gets even better! Ireland’s partner, André Allen Anjos, also known as RAC, joined in on the family ice cream extravaganza. It truly was a family affair filled with laughter, sweetness, and maybe a brain freeze or two!

Alec didn’t miss out on sharing the ice cream fun either. He reposted Ireland’s Instagram post and playfully captioned it, “Call me…whatever you want to call me, Holland.” Oh, Alec, always ready with a quip!

And let’s not forget about last year when Alec and his wife Hilaria Baldwin hinted at the possibility of a reality show about their family. Can you imagine the Baldwin clan on screen? It would be a tasty treat for sure!

So, there you have it, folks! Alec Baldwin and his family indulging in all things ice cream at the Museum of Ice Cream. Who knew a scoop of ice cream could bring so much joy and bonding time for this iconic family?

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