Vampire horror comedy with Blu Del Barrio & Ian Alexander starring – get ready!

– Blu Del Barrio and Ian Alexander, known for their roles in Star Trek: Discovery, will star together in the vampire horror comedy Blue Balls.
– The film, directed by Léa Fae Caddigan, follows a virgin and a vampire in a comedic blood battle for freedom.
– Blue Balls is expected to start production this summer and promises a unique and humorous take on romance, sex, and life.

Hey there! Are you ready for some exciting news? Star Trek: Discovery co-stars Blu Del Barrio and Ian Alexander are teaming up once again, this time for a vampire horror comedy called Blue Balls. Yes, you heard that right – vampires and comedy combined in one epic movie!

In this upcoming film, Blu Del Barrio, who portrays Adira Tal on Star Trek: Discovery, will be taking on the role of Mara, while Ian Alexander, known for playing Gray Tal on the show, will be portraying a character named Callidora. The movie, directed by Léa Fae Caddigan, is set to start production this summer and promises to deliver a unique blend of horror and humor.

The story of Blue Balls revolves around Emma, a young woman looking for a night of fun with her best friend Mara in their small town. Things take a dark turn when they encounter two strangers named Tom and Jack, leading to a hilarious and bloody battle for survival. Tom, played by Charlie Hiscock, is a vampire who has never killed before and is eager to join a vampire fraternity by taking a life on this fateful night.

Newcomer Clare Noelle shines in her first starring role as Emma, while the rest of the cast promises to bring this quirky and thrilling tale to life. With a screenplay by Caddigan and Meredith Metcalf, Blue Balls is set to explore themes of romance, sex, consent, and personal agency in a way that is both thought-provoking and entertaining.

Producer Jake Casey and Danielle Benedict are spearheading this project through The Dazey Phase, a production company dedicated to championing unique perspectives and responsible storytelling. Caddigan herself expressed her excitement for the film, stating that Blue Balls aims to deliver deep points and hard truths with a dose of humor and action.

So, what do you think about Blu Del Barrio and Ian Alexander’s reunion in Blue Balls? Are you intrigued by the premise of this vampire horror comedy? Share your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project. And don’t forget to spread the word – after all, good news is meant to be shared!

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