Surprise! Kevin Sorbo teams up with Dennis Quaid in ‘Reagan’ – exciting news!

– Hollywood honors Reagan with a feature film, starring Dennis Quaid
– Kevin Sorbo plays Reagan’s pastor in the film
– Sorbo hopes the movie will educate younger generations on Reagan’s presidency and its significance.

Hey there movie buffs and history lovers! So, have you heard the buzz about the upcoming film “Reagan”? If not, get ready to be entertained and educated all at once. Hollywood is finally giving a nod to one of its most famous alums in the best way possible – on the big screen.

I mean, who doesn’t love a good biopic, especially when it’s about a legendary figure like President Ronald Reagan? And guess what? The cast is top-notch with Dennis Quaid taking on the role of the 40th president. Joining him is a stellar lineup including Jon Voight, Nick Searcy, Mena Suvari, Penelope Ann Miller, and even our favorite demigod, Kevin Sorbo!

Yes, you read that right. Kevin Sorbo, the man who brought Hercules to life, is now part of the Reagan saga. He plays the role of Reagan’s pastor, Ben Cleaver. Imagine Hercules hanging out with the Gipper – now that’s a crossover we never knew we needed.

But hold on to your popcorn, because this film isn’t just your typical biopic. It promises to take us on a journey from Reagan’s humble beginnings in a small town, his rise to Hollywood stardom, and finally to the world stage as President of the United States. And get this, the story is told through the perspective of a former KGB agent. Intriguing, right?

So, we caught up with Sorbo to get the inside scoop on Quaid’s performance, Reagan’s lasting legacy, and what this movie means for today’s young audience. And let me tell you, Sorbo is all about honoring the Gipper and spreading some historical knowledge.

He shared how playing a character so integral to Reagan’s life was a huge honor. And hey, who wouldn’t want to be part of a project that pays tribute to such a beloved president? Plus, he learned some fascinating insights about Reagan’s upbringing and political career that even he didn’t know. Talk about a crash course in history!

Now, let’s talk about Dennis Quaid channeling his inner Reagan. Sorbo couldn’t stop praising his co-star’s performance, calling it “stellar.” Apparently, Quaid really nailed Reagan’s mannerisms and speech patterns, so we’re in for a treat.

And here’s the kicker. Sorbo believes that this film could be a wakeup call for the younger generation. He hopes it will spark an interest in Reagan’s presidency and maybe encourage people to delve deeper into our country’s history. Knowledge is power, folks!

So, why does a Reagan biopic matter in 2024? According to Sorbo, it’s all about unity. In a time when division seems to be the norm, remembering Reagan’s ability to bring people together is more important than ever. We can’t let the enemies of America tear us apart because, hey, united we stand, divided we fall.

So, mark your calendars for Aug. 30 and get ready to witness history come alive on the silver screen. Share this article with your friends and let’s spread the word about the epic journey that is “Reagan.” Who knows? Maybe we’ll all come out of the theater with a newfound appreciation for the Gipper and a renewed sense of patriotism. Let’s make Reagan proud, one movie ticket at a time!

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