Jelly Roll’s Sneaky Teen Princess Busted on Film for Late-Night Adventure!

– Jelly Roll’s daughter Bailee Ann was caught on camera trying to sneak out of the house but didn’t get far
– Security camera footage shows the failed attempt at sneaking out at 1:20 AM
– Despite being busted, Bailee and stepmom Bunnie XO have a close relationship and share many moments together on social media

Alright, so imagine you’re a teenager and you think you’re being all sneaky trying to sneak out of the house for a night of fun. Well, that’s exactly what Jelly Roll’s 16-year-old daughter, Bailee Ann, tried to do. But guess what? She didn’t get very far!

Bailee’s stepmom, Bunnie XO, decided to have a bit of fun and shared the hilarious security cam footage of Bailee trying to sneak out on TikTok. The video shows Bailee and a friend crouching down, trying to avoid the home security cameras, but, as you can imagine, they were caught red-handed.

The daring duo attempted to make their way out of Jelly Roll’s yard, only to be quickly sent back inside by the security. It’s all caught on camera for your viewing pleasure. The best part? It was 1:20 AM when they tried to make their escape. Talk about a late-night adventure!

Bunnie couldn’t help but shake her head at Bailee in the video, jokingly adding, “Grounded for life jk.” Fans loved the footage, with many expressing their relief that security cameras weren’t around when they were teenagers. Ah, the joys of teenage rebellion!

The bond between Bunnie and Bailee is clearly strong, with Bunnie often sharing their antics on social media. Just last April, Bunnie filmed herself and Bailee celebrating another teen milestone – buying Bailee her first car for her 16th birthday. And yes, Bailee got to pick the car within a budget, and she chose a white GMC Sierra 1500. Not too shabby for a sweet sixteen gift!

Jelly Roll even got in on the birthday celebrations by inviting Bailee onstage during his Stagecoach set and serenading her with a “Happy Birthday” tune. It’s good to have famous parents, right?

But it seems Bailee may have to put her fancy new car dreams on hold for a bit, thanks to her failed attempt at sneaking out. Oops! Looks like she’ll have to stick to family time for now. Better luck next time, Bailee!

So, dear reader, next time you think about sneaking out in the middle of the night, just remember Bailee’s epic fail. And hey, feel free to share this hilarious tale with your friends for a good laugh. After all, we’ve all been there, right? Teenage shenanigans at their finest!

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