Ariane Labed dives into ‘September Says’ with a curious spirit, exploring life’s mysteries!

– Ariane Labed identifies as European and describes herself as a storyteller with a strong focus on human experiences and emotions.
– Labed’s career has spanned from the Greek film industry to American indie films and now to Cannes’ Un Certain Regard with her feature directorial debut.
– Labed’s work explores themes of identity, belonging, and movement, while also championing feminist causes such as the inclusion of intimacy coordinators on film sets.

Hey there, reader! So, you know this amazing actor Ariane Labed? If not, let’s dive into her fascinating world. She’s more than just European – her career has taken her on a rollercoaster ride through Greek cinema, American indie films, and French TV dramas. And now, she’s stepping into the director’s chair with her debut feature, “September Says.”

In this film, Labed delves deep into the complexities of sisterhood, teenage bullying, and family trauma. But for her, it’s not just about the story – it’s about how people live. She’s all about exploring the human experience in all its messy, poignant glory.

Labed’s artistic vision is all about pushing boundaries and creating a visual language that goes beyond words. She’s a dancer too, so movement is key in her work. Camera movements, choreography – it’s all part of the intricate dance of storytelling for her.

“September Says” is shot on a mix of film stocks, creating a timeless yet modern vibe that blurs the lines between past and present. Labed’s film is a testament to the fact that we’re all a tapestry of generations past, navigating themes of sex, death, and societal constructs.

But Labed isn’t just a filmmaker – she’s a fierce feminist too. She’s all about creating a safe and inclusive environment on set, championing the use of intimacy coordinators to ensure everyone’s well-being. For her, filmmaking is a collective art, and she’s paving the way for a more conscious and compassionate industry.

So, next time you see Ariane Labed’s name on the screen, remember that she’s not just an actor or director – she’s a force to be reckoned with, pushing boundaries and breaking stereotypes. Share this article with your friends and let them in on the magic of Ariane Labed’s world.

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