10 Celebs Who Were Banned from Dating Apps: Hilarious Stories and Unexpected Reasons

– Many celebrities have been banned from dating apps for various reasons
– Zayn Malik, Teri Hatcher, and Leslie Jones are some of the celebs who got kicked off dating apps
– Reasons for their bans range from suspected catfishing to violating community guidelines

Have you ever wondered what happens when celebs try their luck on dating apps? Well, let’s just say, it doesn’t always end well. Here are 15 celebs who got kicked off dating apps and the hilarious reasons why:

1. Zayn Malik: Zayn admitted to Nylon that he got accused of catfishing and was kicked off Tinder a couple of times. Talk about a tough crowd!

2. Teri Hatcher: Teri tried Hinge to be vulnerable and open to love, but they ended up kicking her off. The betrayal!

3. Leslie Jones: Leslie tweeted about getting banned from Hinge just a day after signing up. Talk about a short-lived experience!

4. Billy Eichner: Billy shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live that Tinder banned him without any explanation after being single for seven years. Unfair, right?

5. Demi Lovato: Demi got rejected from Raya post-breakup, trying to get back on the dating scene. Even stars face rejection!

6. Lewis Capaldi: Lewis revealed on a podcast that he was banned from multiple dating apps because people thought he was fake. Tough luck, Lewis!

7. Paulina Porizkova: Paulina got booted off Hinge before even posting a single picture. Name issues, apparently!

8. Sam Smith: Sam got booted from Hinge after one night for being mistaken as a catfish. Guess they didn’t recognize a star when they saw one!

9. Andy Cohen: Andy faced the struggle of being kicked off gay dating apps for impersonating himself. The irony!

10. Sharon Stone: Sharon got kicked off Bumble, sparking a movement against exclusion. Who knew being too popular could be a problem?

These celebs may have faced rejection on dating apps, but at least they have some hilarious stories to tell. Swipe wisely, even if you’re a star!

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