Get ready to scream! Jason Universe shakes up Friday the 13th franchise!

– Horror, Inc. is expanding the Jason universe with new entertainment options like games, immersive experiences, and merchandise
– The company is working on new projects with the original creators and more announcements are expected throughout the year
– Jason remains a popular and iconic horror villain with a strong global following across multiple generations, and new activations are in the works for fans to enjoy

Hey there horror fans! Big news in the Friday the 13th universe – Jason is back and he’s here to stay! Horror, Inc., the OG owners of the franchise, are taking things to the next level with brand new projects, games, immersive experiences, merch, and more. It’s like Jason Voorhees is getting a whole makeover for 2022!

Robert Barsamian, President of Horror, Inc., is hyped about the upcoming projects with Victor Miller and Marc Toberoff. More surprises are on the way, including an expanded prequel series called Crystal Lake. I mean, who doesn’t love a good origin story, right?

And let’s talk about Robbie Barsamian, VP of Horror, Inc. This guy is all about honoring the legacy of Jason while giving fans a next-level experience. He’s ready to take Jason Universe to new heights, catering to today’s horror audience in the coolest ways possible.

But the real MVP here is Sheri Conn, Global GM of Horror, Inc. She’s all about keeping Jason relevant for 44 years – that’s a lot of hockey masks and machetes! With billions of TikTok views and millions of gamers and movie fans, Jason is still king of the horror scene. And Sheri can’t wait to give fans even more awesome Jason Universe content to sink their teeth into.

Let’s not forget where it all started – May 9, 1980, when Friday the 13th hit the big screen and changed horror forever. Since then, we’ve seen 11 sequels, crossovers, reboots, a TV series, games, comics, collectibles, apparel – you name it, Jason’s done it all. This guy is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

So, grab your popcorn, lock your doors, and get ready for a new era in the Friday the 13th franchise. Jason Universe is here to slay, and we’re all along for the ride. Share this article with your horror-loving friends and let the countdown to more Jason goodness begin!

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