Travis Kelce on filming “Grotesquerie” with Ryan Murphy – juicy details!

Travis Kelce spills the juicy details about his experience filming "Grotesquerie" with Ryan Murphy. Find out about his first days on set and more!

– Travis Kelce talks about his experience filming “Grotesquerie” with Ryan Murphy
– He jokes about feeling like a “jabroni” but expresses gratitude for the helpful team
– Kelce appreciates Ryan Murphy’s faith in him for a big role on the show

Hey there, folks! So, you may have heard that Travis Kelce, the football star, is dipping his toes into the world of acting with Ryan Murphy’s new series, “Grotesquerie”. And let me tell you, he’s spilling all the juicy details about his first few days on set in a recent episode of his podcast.

Travis, being the charming guy that he is, opened up about feeling like a “jabroni” (whatever that means) but hey, at least he hasn’t been fired yet! Looks like he’s doing something right. He also mentioned how his co-stars have been super helpful in making him feel comfortable and giving him the direction he needs to nail his scenes.

Now, here’s the kicker – Travis isn’t sure how many episodes he’ll be in because he’s just focused on getting through one scene at a time. But he did tease that the show’s name itself hints at a mystery, so get ready for some suspenseful moments.

As for his experience with acting, Travis realized that it’s not just about memorizing lines. It’s about being present in the scene and really understanding the meaning behind it. And let’s not forget his gratitude towards Ryan Murphy for having faith in him and giving him such a big role on the show. Talk about pressure!

So, if you’re curious to see Travis Kelce flex his acting chops, stay tuned for “Grotesquerie”. And in the meantime, check out his podcast for more behind-the-scenes shenanigans. Who knows, maybe he’ll spill some more juicy details about his Hollywood adventures.

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