David Oyelowo’s fancy mission to make cool movies while flexing with Mansa.

Discover how David Oyelowo's company, Yoruba Saxon, is revolutionizing the entertainment industry by normalizing marginalized stories. Learn about their first-look deal with Apple TV+ and the launch of Mansa, a streaming platform dedicated to showcasing underrepresented narratives. #RepresentationMatters

– David Oyelowo’s production company Yoruba Saxon aims to highlight marginalized stories and normalize them in entertainment industry.
– Oyelowo’s experience on “Selma” led to the creation of Yoruba Saxon, focusing on diverse perspectives in storytelling.
– Yoruba Saxon’s success with “Lawmen: Bass Reeves” on Paramount+ has led to a first-look deal with Apple TV+ and the launch of new projects, including the streaming platform Mansa.

Alright folks, buckle up for a wild ride through the world of David Oyelowo and his quest to “normalize the marginalized” with his production company Yoruba Saxon and streaming platform Mansa.

So, picture this: David Oyelowo is on a mission to make sure that history doesn’t forget the unsung heroes from marginalized communities. Like, seriously, these people made history but no one even knows about it! It’s like that feeling when you do something amazing and no one gives you credit for it. Not cool, right?

Enter Yoruba Saxon, the talent-led production company that Oyelowo created with his wife Jessica. It all started with his accidental experience of helping to bring Ava DuVernay’s “Selma” to life. He was like, “Wait, this producing thing is kinda fun!” And that’s how his obsession to tell important stories from non-traditional perspectives began.

Yoruba Saxon’s motto? “Normalize the marginalized.” They’re all about bringing those less traditional narratives to the screen and making them mainstream. Think of it like making kale chips a regular snack instead of just some fancy health food trend. Oyelowo wants to see shows like “Bass Reeves” and “Queen of Katwe” become the norm, not just a one-off thing.

Speaking of “Bass Reeves,” did you know it took nearly a decade to get made? Yeah, crazy, right? Apparently, there’s this misconception that shows centered on Black people have less value, less reach, less potential for success. But Oyelowo proved them all wrong with the most-watched series premiere on Paramount+ in 2023. Take that, naysayers!

And now, Yoruba Saxon is diving headfirst into the television world with a first-look deal with Apple TV+. Their first project? A show called “Government Cheese” about a Black family trying to live the American dream in the ’60s. Oh, and it’s a surreal comedy. Sounds like a hoot!

But wait, there’s more! Oyelowo isn’t stopping there. He teamed up with Nate Parker, Chiké Okonkwo, and Zak Tanjeloff to create Mansa, a streaming platform focused on Black culture for a global audience. It’s like a haven for undervalued shows and films that deserve a spotlight.

The best part? The platform is all about curation. Oyelowo is all about showcasing the true value of Black culture and giving it the recognition it deserves. It’s like finally getting a seat at the cool kids’ table after being ignored for so long.

So, in conclusion, David Oyelowo is out here changing the game with Yoruba Saxon and Mansa, making sure that stories from marginalized communities are not just heard but celebrated. It’s a wild ride, but hey, someone’s gotta do it, right? Share this article with your friends and let them in on the awesomeness that is David Oyelowo and his mission to “normalize the marginalized.” #RepresentationMatters.

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