Alison Hammond ‘gutted’ about new boo: ‘She thought she could keep it hush-hush!’

Alison Hammond's new relationship with boyfriend David Putman is under scrutiny due to disapproval from his mother Olga. Despite the criticism, Alison remains committed, hoping to prove everyone wrong. She recently opened up about her love life on a podcast, undeterred by concerns.

– Alison Hammond’s new relationship with boyfriend David Putman is facing scrutiny, particularly from David’s mother Olga who reportedly disapproves due to Alison’s age and fame.
– Despite the criticism, Alison remains committed to the relationship, feeling devastated by Olga’s alleged opinion and hoping to prove everyone wrong.
– Alison has opened up about her love life on a podcast, revealing she is dating and remains undeterred by the concerns raised about her relationship.

So, the word on the street is that Alison Hammond is feeling a bit down about the whole situation with her new boyfriend, David Putman. Apparently, his mom, Olga, is not exactly thrilled about their relationship. She thinks Alison is too old for David and doesn’t appreciate all the attention her TV fame has brought to him. Ouch, talk about a tough crowd!

Alison first hinted at her new romance earlier this year, but kept the details under wraps. It wasn’t until later that we found out she was seeing this Russian model and masseuse, David. And get this, they have a whopping 23-year age gap. Now, that’s what I call a love story!

But things took a turn for the worse when Olga decided to share her thoughts on the matter. According to sources, Alison was devastated when she heard what Olga had to say. She didn’t see it coming at all. And to make matters worse, Alison’s friends are also raising concerns about the relationship. It’s not just the age gap that’s got them worried, it’s the fact that they don’t really know much about David. And now that Olga has added her two cents, Alison was probably regretting not keeping things more low-key.

And let’s not forget, Alison spilled the beans about her love life on a podcast recently. She made it clear that she’s not single and that she’s dating. But it seems like not everyone is on board with her new beau. Olga, in particular, is not a fan of the financial dynamic between Alison and David. She’s not too keen on the fact that Alison has more money than her son. Traditional values and all that, you know?

But don’t worry, David isn’t letting his mom’s opinions get him down. He’s standing by Alison’s side, and they’re in this together. Alison, for her part, is determined to prove everyone wrong. She’s not letting the haters get to her. Go, Alison, go!

In the midst of all this drama, Alison is keeping busy with her new gig as the presenter of For the Love of Dogs. She’s also still making appearances on This Morning. What a multitasking queen!

So, there you have it folks, the latest gossip about Alison Hammond and her whirlwind romance. Will they make it work despite all the naysayers? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure, Alison isn’t one to back down easily. Share your thoughts on this juicy story and let’s keep the gossip flowing!

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