John Oliver’s Favorite Eurovision Contestant: Windows95man’s Epic Performance

John Oliver talks about the Eurovision contest on Last Week Tonight, praising his favorite performer Windows95man from Finland. Oliver admires Windows95man’s unique stage presence, denim egg entrance, and catchy song “No Rules!”. Despite not winning, Oliver declares Windows95man as his champion. The segment adds humor and excitement to the show.

Alright, so buckle up because we’re about to dive into the amazing world of Eurovision and John Oliver’s favorite contestant – Finland’s very own Windows95man! If you thought the Eurovision Song Contest couldn’t get any crazier, think again, because this guy took the stage in a giant denim egg and stole the show.

John Oliver, in his classic humorous style on HBO’s Last Week Tonight, couldn’t contain his excitement as he talked about the magnificently silly competition that is Eurovision. From controversies surrounding boycotts to the last-minute elimination of a Dutch contestant, this year’s Eurovision had it all. But amidst all the chaos, there was one contestant that captured Oliver’s heart – Windows95man.

Now, let’s talk about the man, the myth, the legend – Windows95man, whose real name is Teemu Keisteri. This guy knows how to make an entrance, starting his performance of “No Rules!” from inside a denim-covered egg. Yes, you read that right – a denim egg. And if that wasn’t enough, he emerged from the egg with flowing blonde locks and pervert glasses, making it a sight to behold.

Oliver couldn’t contain his excitement, giving Windows95man a rating of 14,000 out of 10. He praised the performer’s stage costume consisting of a Windows95 T-shirt, hat, and, well, not much else. And let’s not forget the epic moment when Windows95man descended from the ceiling in a pair of jean shorts, shooting fireworks out of them like a true rockstar.

Despite the jury ranking him dead last in Finland’s contest to pick its Eurovision representative, Windows95man won the audience vote by a landslide. And it’s no surprise – with stagecraft like a giant denim egg and exploding denim shorts, who could resist?

Oliver even quoted some of the song’s lyrics, celebrating Windows95man’s carefree attitude towards life. Because let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to live life like a man clad in exploding denim, not caring about what’s wrong or right?

But as fate would have it, Windows95man didn’t clinch the Eurovision crown, with Swiss performer Nemo taking the top spot. Nevertheless, in Oliver’s eyes, Windows95man will always be a champion.

So, here’s to Windows95man, the man who hatched from a denim egg and rocked Eurovision like no one else. And if you haven’t watched his performance yet, do yourself a favor and check it out. Eurovision may come and go, but Windows95man’s legacy will live on as a shining beacon of denim-clad glory.

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