¡Olé! Spanish Animation Dominates Quirino Awards, Stealing the Spotlight with ‘Robot Dreams’ and More!

Hey there animation lovers! So, guess what? Spain totally rocked the Quirino Awards this year and took home five out of the ten awards available. How cool is that?

First up, we have Pablo Berger’s “Robot Dreams” winning not just one, but two awards for best feature film and sound design. This film has been making waves since its premiere at Cannes and is definitely a must-watch.

Then, Silvia Cortés’ “Jasmine & Jambo – Season 2” snagged the best series award for the second year in a row. I mean, who doesn’t love Jasmine and Jambo, right? They bring music and fun to kids everywhere.

Brazilian Marcus Vinicius Vasconcelos won the award for best short film with “Lulina and the Moon,” a touching story about a young girl dealing with the impending arrival of a sibling. It’s such a sweet and relatable tale.

And let’s not forget about Paola Cubillos’ stop-motion masterpiece “The Leak,” which won best school short film. It’s a quirky and thought-provoking piece that really makes you think.

Last but not least, Gabriel Osario’s “In The Stars” episode of Disney+’s “Star Wars Visions” series won the best commissioned animation award. It’s always great to see talent recognized, especially in such a beloved franchise.

The Quirino Awards, named after the animation pioneer Quirino Cristiani, also honored his grandson and great-granddaughter, which is a lovely touch to continue his legacy.

Now, let’s talk about why Spain is becoming such a powerhouse in the animation world. With strategic funding and incentives in place, Spanish animation is on the rise. The country’s investment in the industry is clearly paying off, as evidenced by the success at the Quirinos.

But hey, there are always areas for improvement, right? That’s why a Residency for Executive Producers was announced at this year’s event. It’s all about fostering collaboration and innovation in the industry, which is super important.

And let’s not forget about RTVE’s support for emerging talent with the RTVE-Quirino Talent Award. They are really pushing the boundaries and giving young creators a chance to shine.

Collaboration was a key theme at the event, with Ibero-American public television stations coming together to discuss strategies for animated content. It’s all about working together to elevate the quality of programming in the region.

Innovative projects were also in the spotlight, with the Ibermedia Next Fund supporting some truly groundbreaking work. It’s all about pushing the boundaries and exploring new technologies in animation.

And of course, let’s give a big round of applause to all the winners of the 2024 Quirino Awards. From “Robot Dreams” to “Sultana’s Dream,” each winner truly deserves the recognition.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Spanish animation and discover some incredible storytelling and creativity. And hey, feel free to share this article with your fellow animation enthusiasts. Let’s spread the love for Spanish animation far and wide!

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