James Martin bans Glynn Purnell from Saturday Morning: ‘One-hit wonder, never again!’

Alright, folks, gather around for a juicy piece of gossip about everyone’s favorite TV chef, James Martin! So, it turns out that one of James Martin’s guests on his Saturday Morning show made quite the blunder that landed him on the no-invitation-back list. Shocking, right?

So, here’s the scoop – Chef Glynn Purnell and Loose Women star Linda Robson popped by the show last month. Things were going smoothly until Glynn started cooking up a storm with his surf and turf dish. But uh-oh, disaster struck when he couldn’t locate any spoons. Yes, spoons! In a kitchen! The horror!

Picture this – Glynn realized one of the spoons had gone AWOL and landed directly in the sauce. Smooth move, chef! He nonchalantly declared, “I’ve lost a spoon in there chef but I’m sure we’ll dig it out eventually.” Classic comedy gold, right? But wait, there’s more – another spoon decides to take a plunge into the dish, and Glynn casually asks his fellow chefs to fish it out for him. Oh, Glynn!

Now, here’s where it gets hilarious – the blunder led to a fit of laughter between James and Glynn, with James delivering the cherry on top with his epic one-liner. Drumroll, please! James declared, “This is Glynn Purnell – this is the first and the last time you’ll see him.” Ouch, burn! Looks like Glynn won’t be receiving a golden ticket to the Saturday Morning show anytime soon.

But hold on, the drama doesn’t stop there! In other news, James Martin spilled the beans about his health journey on Lorraine. Last year, he faced off against facial cancer like a true champ and emerged victorious, ready to tackle life head-on. When Lorraine inquired about his wellbeing, James casually mentioned that the stitches from his ordeal were finally making their graceful exit. Talk about seizing the day, James!

So, for all you eager viewers out there, mark your calendars because James Martin’s Saturday Morning show is back on air this Saturday from 9:30 am on ITV. Get your popcorn, folks, because you never know what culinary mishaps might unfold next!

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