Grant Gustin spills tea on James Gunn talks and Flash fame!

Have you ever wondered if Grant Gustin will forever be known as The Flash? Well, the actor himself delves into his legacy as the character and spills the beans on his conversation with DC Studios co-chair James Gunn. So, let’s dive into the world of superheroes and Hollywood drama, shall we?

Picture this: Hollywood, where success is like a rare unicorn that only a lucky few catch a glimpse of. And when it comes to actors, there’s always that fear of being typecasted into one role for eternity. Just ask the heroes of Marvel and DC, who often find themselves forever associated with their iconic characters. But did Grant Gustin ever worry about this when he auditioned for The Flash? Surprisingly, nope!

In a recent chat with Men’s Health, Gustin spilled the beans, revealing, “It never crossed my mind. I mean, I was 23 when I auditioned for that show and thought I had no chance of getting it. I didn’t even want to go to the audition. I was like, ‘This is a waste of my time and their time.’” Ah, the self-doubt of an actor, we’ve all been there.

And get this, Gustin even had a case of imposter syndrome about playing a superhero. He chuckled, “He’s big and buff and blonde in the comics. I was just like, ‘Why are they even seeing me?’” Oh, Grant, we feel you. But lo and behold, he nabbed the role and the rest is history. Now, with roles in Glee and Water for Elephants under his belt, it seems he’s far from just being The Flash.

But wait, there’s more! Fans went wild when news broke that Gustin had a little heart-to-heart with none other than James Gunn. The whispers of Gustin playing The Flash in a DC film ran rampant, but alas, the actual conversation was far less dramatic. Turns out, it was just a friendly exchange of well-wishes for their future endeavors.

Gustin spilled the tea, saying, “There are no doors right now that are slammed shut for me in any capacity. I love what he’s done, but the soundbite that’s getting picked up everywhere…” Sounds like a classic case of misinterpretation in the world of Hollywood.

So, while some fans may be bummed that Gustin won’t be donning the Flash suit on the big screen anytime soon, it might be a blessing in disguise. The actor is crushing it in his current projects, and a little distance from DC might just set him up for an epic return in the DC Universe helmed by none other than James Gunn and Peter Safran.

As we eagerly await the future of the DC Universe, let’s raise a glass to Grant Gustin and his journey as The Flash. And hey, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button for more superhero scoops and Hollywood drama. Share this article with your pals and let the superhero saga continue!

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