Kimora Lee Simmons in shock as Aoki “robs the cradle”.

Fashion mogul Kimora Lee Simmons recently addressed the scandalous photos of her daughter kissing an older man, expressing her embarrassment and anger. Despite the drama, Kimora showed love and support for her daughter while also dishing out a slight punishment. Find out more about this whirlwind romance and how Kimora handles the Hollywood drama.

Kimora Lee Simmons, the fabulous fashion mogul, recently found herself in a bit of a pickle when her daughter, Aoki, was caught kissing a much older man. And let’s just say Kimora was not having it!

When the photos of Aoki smooching the 65-year-old restaurateur, Vittorio Assaf, surfaced, Kimora felt a “little embarrassed.” I mean, who wouldn’t be embarrassed seeing their daughter lock lips with someone old enough to be her grandpa? But Kimora wasn’t just embarrassed, she was also furious because she felt like Aoki was set up!

In an interview with TMZ, Kimora spilled the tea on the whole situation. She made it clear that she didn’t think Aoki and Vittorio had a real relationship. In fact, she referred to him as just a toad that Aoki kissed. Ouch! Mama bear Simmons was not mincing her words.

But Kimora didn’t stop at just feeling embarrassed and angry. She also hinted that the vast age difference between Aoki and Vittorio messed with her daughter’s head. And you know what they say, mama knows best!

Despite her embarrassment and anger, Kimora showed love and support to Aoki after the scandalous photos came out. After all, family comes first, even when your daughter is making out with a senior citizen on a Caribbean beach.

But Kimora being the boss lady that she is, didn’t let Aoki off the hook completely. She did dish out a slight punishment for her daughter’s misstep. A little tough love never hurt anyone, right?

And just like that, the whirlwind romance between Aoki and Vittorio came crashing down faster than you can say “sugar daddy.” The paparazzi shots of the pair locking lips on the beach led to public disgust and a quick ending to whatever fling they had going on.

But Kimora’s drama doesn’t end there. Her ex, hip-hop icon Russell Simmons, also weighed in on the whole mess. Looks like Aoki’s parents were not about to let this scandal slide without a comment.

On a lighter note, Kimora also dished about her kids hanging out with Diddy’s twins, Jessie and D’Lila. The girls attended Kimora’s 49th birthday dinner recently, proving that friendship knows no bounds, not even scandalous make-out sessions on the beach.

And speaking of Diddy, Kimora made it clear that she’s not wading too far into the drama surrounding him. Allegations against Diddy resurfaced, including a 2004 interview where Kimora claimed he threatened to hit her while she was pregnant. But hey, they’ve since buried the hatchet and moved on.

In the world of high fashion and Hollywood drama, Kimora Lee Simmons reigns supreme. Whether she’s dealing with embarrassing make-out sessions or dodging drama with Diddy, Kimora’s got it all under control. After all, you don’t build a fashion empire without a few scandals along the way. Stay fabulous, Kimora!

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