Muneyuki Kii forms K2 Pictures, a film fund, with Kore-eda and Miike! Oops, spoiler alert!

Introducing K2 Pictures, a game-changer in the Japanese film industry! They're shaking things up with a Hollywood-style approach and a new funding ecosystem. Get ready for some epic movies and a revolution in film investment! #K2Pictures #JapaneseFilmIndustry #FilmInvestment

Introducing K2 Pictures: Making Waves in the Japanese Film Industry

So, here’s the scoop – former Toei producer Muneyuki Kim has decided to shake things up in the Japanese film industry by launching K2 Pictures. And guess what? They are joining forces with top-tier directors like Hirokazu Kore-eda and Takashi Miike to create a new funding ecosystem for animated and live-action features. Talk about a power move!

Turning the Tables: A New Approach to Film Investment

Now, what sets K2 Pictures apart is their game-changing strategy. Instead of funneling all the profits back to film companies, they are giving investors and creators a piece of the pie. It’s like a Hollywood-style approach right here in Japan! Creators partnering with K2 get to be more than just hired hands – they become shareholders in the projects they work on. How cool is that?

According to Kii, the traditional system of ‘production committees’ in Japanese film production makes it hard for newcomers to break into the market and limits the returns for producers and creators. But K2 Pictures is here to flip the script!

The Birth of K2P Film Fund I: A Game-Changer in Film Investment

And here comes the cherry on top – the K2P Film Fund I. This fund provides support for both animated and live-action features, allowing investors, creators, and crew members to reap the rewards of the Japanese film industry. Their target? Partners from Japan, Asia, the U.S., and beyond. Talk about going global!

A Star-Studded Lineup of Projects

But wait, there’s more! K2 Pictures is teaming up with a stellar lineup of Japanese directors and creators, including Palme d’Or winner Hirokazu Kore-eda and powerhouse Takashi Miike. And let’s not forget about names like Shunji Iwai, Miwa Nishikawa, and Kazuya Shiraishi. It’s like a dream team of talent coming together to create some movie magic!

Setting a New Standard in Film Investment

What’s so special about K2 Pictures, you ask? Well, their creators have designed a unique structure to minimize the risks associated with content investment in the Japanese market. By partnering with leading law and accounting firms specializing in entertainment, they have created a solid foundation for investments. Now that’s what I call a strategic move!

Meet the Minds Behind K2 Pictures

Leading the charge at K2 Pictures is CEO Muneyuki Kii, who has a track record of producing blockbuster films like Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo and The Blood of Wolves. He’s got a solid team backing him up, including Tetsuro Koda and Fred Schmidt. With Koda’s background in mobile games and Schmidt’s expertise in investments, this trio is set to make waves in the film industry.

A Vision for the Future

So, what’s next for K2 Pictures? Well, according to Kii, they’re on a mission to revolutionize the Japanese film industry and open up new opportunities for investors both locally and internationally. With the world’s growing interest in Japanese content, K2 is determined to make the local film scene more active, fair, and profitable on a global scale. Now that’s what I call a bold vision!

So, brace yourselves, folks – K2 Pictures is here to make a splash in the film industry, and they’re not holding back. With a commitment to innovation, risk mitigation, and artistic excellence, this powerhouse is ready to take the world by storm. Get ready for some epic movies coming your way!

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