Sony, Apollo, Paramount not holding back in theaters, but say goodbye to TV/streaming!

The Sony Apollo Paramount merger is causing a buzz in Hollywood. While movie output may remain steady, TV and streaming assets could be on the line. Stay tuned for updates on this potential powerhouse merger! #Hollywood #merger

Sony Apollo Paramount Merger: Not Just Another Hollywood Merger

So, rumor has it that Sony and Apollo are eyeing Paramount Global for a sweet $26 billion deal. But fear not, movie lovers, because despite what you may have heard, this merger wouldn’t necessarily mean fewer movies in theaters. In fact, both Sony and Apollo are planning to keep the theatrical release output steady between both studios – not reduced. So, you can still expect your favorite blockbusters to hit the big screen. Phew!

TV & Streaming Assets Might Be Shed

But wait, there’s a catch. The word on the street is that Sony and Apollo are considering shedding some of Paramount’s TV assets, including CBS, linear channels like MTV, and even the Paramount Plus streaming service. According to the New York Times, these parts of the conglomerate might be up for grabs in the merger. So, while the theaters may remain bustling with blockbuster hits, some TV and streaming assets could be getting a new home.

What Hollywood Is Saying

Hollywood is abuzz with chatter about this potential merger. Some folks are worried that a Sony-Paramount union could lead to a reduction in film output, similar to what happened after the Disney-Fox merger in 2019. Can you believe that there are only 12 titles slated for release in 2024 from 20th Century Studios and Disney’s other arms? Yikes! The industry can’t afford to lose more major studios, with exhibitors already feeling the pinch post-strikes and Covid.

Competing with the Streamers

But fear not, my fellow movie buffs. Sources say that Sony and Apollo’s plan isn’t to scale back but rather to ramp up their game to compete with the streaming giants. Picture this: around 20 wide releases a year from the combined studio. Not too shabby, huh? They’re not looking to follow in Disney-Fox’s footsteps but rather make a 1 + 1 studio equation equal to 4. With Paramount and Sony grossing $2 billion each at the global box office last year, that’s a potential $4 billion powerhouse in the making – right up there with Universal and Disney. Watch out, streaming world!

What Lies Ahead

While talks are ongoing, it’s important to note that neither Sony nor Paramount have signed formal agreements or delved into the nitty-gritty details just yet. This process could take weeks, so grab your popcorn and settle in for the show. If the Sony-Paramount marriage goes through, the Culver City lot could be running the show as a joint venture with Apollo holding a small stake. Marketing and distribution operations would likely be merged for maximum efficiency.

Shari Redstone: The Wildcard

But hold on a second, there’s a wildcard in play. Some believe that Shari Redstone, the powerhouse behind Paramount, might decide to go it alone and not make a deal with Sony/Apollo or Skydance. How long she can hold out on her own remains to be seen. Stay tuned for more drama!

Antitrust and Other Hurdles

Of course, no Hollywood merger would be complete without a little drama with the DOJ’s Antitrust division, the FTC, and the FCC. President Biden’s administration is known to be cautious about mergers, especially ones that could lead to job cuts. So, the road ahead might be a bit bumpy for Sony and Apollo as they navigate these regulatory waters.

In Conclusion

So there you have it, folks. The Sony Apollo Paramount merger may not mean fewer movies in theaters, but some TV and streaming assets could be up for grabs. Hollywood is watching closely as the drama unfolds, and we can only wait and see what the future holds for these entertainment giants. Grab your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show!

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