Tyrese Gibson spills tea on juicy deleted scenes in ‘Morbius’ – you’re missing out!

Discover the major set pieces and storylines that were cut from the final release of Morbius, potentially saving it from being the worst Marvel film ever. Tyrese Gibson shares details about his character's deleted scenes and hints at the possibility of a sequel. #Morbius #Marvel

Morbius may not have always been a mess! Tyrese Gibson has revealed that major set pieces and storylines were cut from the film’s final release.

If not for Madame Web, Morbius may have gone down in history as the worst Marvel film of all time. The film was a complete mess that bombed at the box office, not once, but twice. However, it may not have always been that way. According to Tyrese Gibson, the film had a bevy of deleted scenes involving his character.

“I don’t know. The arm was in the trailer, and I definitely had to put that thing on for at least two to three hours a day in the make-up trailer, so, I don’t know,” Gibson explained to CBR when speaking on his character’s high-tech arm as seen in the trailer. “It felt like it went from ‘This is what we’re going to do,’ to some type of issues that they had in post-production. Something. I don’t know.”

“I definitely did a lot of scenes that was chopped out of the movie. I had a full-on fight, and brawl, with the villain, Matt Smith. I had a full-on fight scene with Matt Smith in London, where we filmed at a park, and it was crazy. And my arm was all over that scene, and they chopped that out of the movie, because I guess the presence of my arm, you wouldn’t have been able to edit around that.”

It’s a shame to hear that such major sequences were cut from Morbius, especially when scenes like Matt Smith’s shirtless dancing were kept in the final cut. It’s unclear why these deleted scenes didn’t make it into Morbius, with even Tyrese Gibson unsure of what happened to many of the film’s most intriguing sequences.

Will Morbius Get A Sequel?

Morbius has gained a cult-classic status among Marvel fans, not as a hidden gem, but a movie so bad it can’t helped but be memed on. From It’s Morbin’ Time to Morb To The Midterms, the internet seemingly can’t get enough of Morbius. When asked if there’s any potential for a sequel, Tyrese Gibson admitted that he’s waiting for the call.

“I don’t know, man, I’m waiting on the call,” Gibson explained. “I would be honored to dance with Daniel Espinosa and the crew again, [and] Jared Leto, yeah, I would love it. I would love if if that opportunity presented itself, yeah.”

Sadly, given both Morbius and Madame Web were massive bombs at the box office, it’s not likely either will get a sequel. However, it seems the projects will go down in history as some of the weirdest in Marvel’s cinematic multiverse. Or perhaps…their Morb-tiverse?


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