Simone Biles spills tea on being iffy about flipping around.

Simone Biles, the queen of gymnastics, has made her triumphant return to the sport after admitting that she never thought she’d compete again. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, the 26-year-old reflected on her amazing comeback, describing it as a “blessing”.

“I never thought I would compete again, so this is a blessing,” Simone told the outlet. “My favorite moment has been competing alongside my WCC teammates.”

Two months ago, during the World Championships, Simone wowed fans with her flawless beam and floor routine, helping Team USA win its seventh gold medal. She even pulled off the highly difficult Yurchenko double pike on vault, a move that was so impressive it got renamed the “Biles II”.

“The first time I got a skill named after me was in this arena and 10 years later, I got my fifth skill named,” Simone shared on Instagram in October. “I’m speechless. I’m honored. I’m excited, and I’m blessed! Doing it for the little girl who fell in love with the sport!!!!!”

Simone’s incredible comeback comes two years after she experienced “the twisties” at the 2020 Olympics. Despite suffering setbacks during the games and withdrawing from several finals, she still managed to perform her beam routine and won a bronze medal for her efforts.

Reflecting on the mental block she experienced during the Olympics, Simone explained on TODAY that the bronze medal meant more to her than all of the golds she had won. “It means more than all of the golds because I pushed through so much the last five years and the last week while I’ve even been here,” she noted.

However, despite her incredible comeback and resilience, Simone faced harsh comments from the public over her decision to withdraw from some events. She revealed that she was deeply hurt by the accusations of quitting.

“At the end of the day, we’re not just athletes or entertainment; we’re human, too,” she said. “We have real emotions, and sometimes, they don’t realize that we have things going on behind the scenes that affect us whenever we go out and compete.”

Simone’s journey back to the top of the gymnastics world is a testament to her resilience and determination. Her candid interview sheds light on the challenges she faced and the strength it took to overcome them. With her incredible comeback, she has cemented her status as one of the greatest gymnasts of all time.

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