How do you keep eyeglasses screws from loosening?

Struggling with eyeglasses screws that won't stay tight? Here are tips to fix the problem: assess screw condition, tighten regularly, use adhesive, try threaded inserts or rubber O-rings, and seek help from an optician. Keep your glasses functional until insurance covers replacements. #Eyeglasses #ScrewFixes

Tips for Eyeglasses Screws That Won’t Stay Tight

Simply put, my insurance won’t cover new frames or lenses for another year, but the screws responsible for holding the lenses in the frames keep working their way loose every few days. For someone with poor eyesight like me, it’s a constant struggle. Not only is it inconvenient, but there’s also a risk of damaging my eyes. I urgently need a solution to keep the screws tight until my insurance covers replacement.

1. Assess the Screw Condition

Before trying any fixes, it’s important to assess the condition of the screws. Ensure they are not damaged or worn out. If they appear to be worn or stripped, replacing them may be necessary. However, since you mentioned that the screws are custom fit, alternative solutions would be more helpful.

2. Tighten the Screws Regularly

Regularly checking and tightening the screws can help in preventing them from getting loose. Using a small screwdriver, gently tighten the screws as snugly as possible without any excessive force. Be cautious not to overtighten and risk damaging the frames.

3. Apply Loctite or Clear Nail Polish

One effective solution is to apply a small amount of Loctite or clear nail polish to the screws. Both substances work as adhesives, creating a thread-locking effect. Apply a small drop to the screw threads and let it dry completely before wearing your glasses. This will provide extra resistance against loosening.

4. Use Threaded Inserts

Consider using threaded inserts to keep your eyeglasses screws tight. These inserts fit into the frames and provide a more secure grip for the screws. You may need assistance from a professional optician to install them properly, but it’s a long-lasting solution that doesn’t require frequent tightening.

5. Opt for Rubber O-Rings

Another option is to use rubber O-rings, which provide friction and prevent screws from loosening. These can be found in glasses repair kits or purchased separately. Simply slide the O-ring onto the screw and push it against the frame. This technique discreetly keeps the screws tight and works well in most cases.

6. Visit a Local Optician

Although you mentioned affordability is an issue, it’s worth considering visiting a local optician. They may be able to offer affordable repair options or suggest alternative solutions, considering your specific frame requirements. Explaining your situation to them could provide valuable insights or temporary remedies until your insurance covers replacements.

Dealing with eyeglasses screws that won’t stay tight can be frustrating and potentially harmful to your eyesight. However, by regularly tightening the screws, applying adhesives, using threaded inserts or rubber O-rings, and seeking assistance from an optician, you can discreetly keep your glasses functional until your insurance covers the cost of replacement frames or lenses. Remember to prioritize your eye health and consult a professional if you’re unsure about making any adjustments to your eyewear.

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