Jared Leto and Scott Disick: Separated at Birth? Leto reacts hilariously!

Could Jared Leto be the long-lost identical twin brother to reality star Scott Disick? Probably not, but even Leto seems to be fine with the recent viral fan theory suggesting as much.

The movie star and Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman recently sat down for a chat with Sirius XM’s TikTok Radio, and was asked by host Davis Burleson about the popular theory that’s largely been making the rounds on TikTok claiming that the two are “identical.”

“Really? Lucky me. Thank you,” the 51-year-old Oscar winner said, as he was seemingly made away of the theory for the first time.

Leto didn’t bristle at the suggestion or even shoot it down but said he would have a hard time really seeing it one way or the other.

“I don’t know. It’s hard when you look at yourself,” Leto said, adding that he had heard that sometimes when people look similar, there could be some shared DNA, and similar-looking people might “actually might be related somehow.”

Although, as far as he knows, it seems Leto isn’t aware of any actual familial connection.

“[But] that would be nice, because then I would have a rich relative. Because he’s very wealthy, right? Yeah, that would be nice,” said Leto — who, for the record, is a successful film star and a successful rock star at the same time.

Although, despite Leto’s comments, it could also be worth noting that it doesn’t appear that Leto and Disick have ever been seen together in the same place at the same time. Could this be due to having wildly different lives and social circles, or is some larger alter-ego conspiracy at play?

Either way, Leto has been keeping busy with his third hustle aside from music and movies as an adventurous daredevil.

Earlier this month, the Morbius star became the first person to climb to the top of New York City’s Empire State Building. Leto scaled 1200 feet as he reached the top of the skyscraper in support of Thirty Seconds to Mars’ upcoming Seasons World Tour 2024.

“I made it, I’m alive, I made it to the top,” the 51-year-old Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman said during an exclusive interview with Today following his climb. “I was just saying I saw my mother in the window of the 80th floor and that was a nice surprise.”

Thirty Seconds to Mars’ (Jared and Shannon Leto) Seasons World Tour 2024 is set to kick off in Latin America on March 15, before going to Europe, then North America starting July 26. The show is set to wrap in New Zealand on Sept. 19.

So, while it’s fun to entertain the idea of Jared Leto and Scott Disick being secret twins, it’s pretty clear that they’re two entirely separate people who just happen to have similar features. And ultimately, it doesn’t really matter whether they’re related, as long as they keep sharing their unique talents with the world!

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