Chris Pine sweats over singing with Ariana DeBose in ‘Wish’.

Chris Pine singing with Ariana DeBose

Alright, so it turns out that even the dashing and talented Chris Pine gets a little nervous sometimes. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Pine confessed that he had some jitters about singing opposite Ariana DeBose in Disney’s upcoming animated film Wish.

Now, let’s not forget that Pine has already flexed his vocal cords in the 2014 film Into the Woods. But according to the man himself, “It’s just not something I do on a daily.” Fair point, Chris. We can’t all be singing heartthrobs every day.

And when it comes to crooning alongside the talented DeBose, Pine admitted, “It’s a big deal.” Well, yeah, we can imagine that singing with someone as vocally gifted as Ariana could make anyone break a sweat.

But fear not, dear Pine fans, because DeBose had nothing but praise for her nervous singing partner. “He can sing! He can absolutely sing,” she assured ET. “Did you see him in Into The Woods? I think Chris is one of those examples of not understanding just how talented he is.” Aww, what a supportive co-star!

And just to tease us a little bit more, the Oscar winner hinted that we’re in for a pleasant surprise once we get to hear Pine’s voice in Wish. “I love the sound of his voice, the way that he molds words,” DeBose gushed. “He is a delicious villain. You know people are going to love to hate him, and I just love watching him work.” Ooh, now we’re even more excited!

Okay, so what’s this magical film all about? Well, Wish follows the story of Asha (played by DeBose), a young girl who makes a wish on a star and gets a more direct answer than she bargained for when a trouble-making star comes down from the sky to join her. Sounds like a charming and heartwarming adventure, doesn’t it?

But wait, there’s more! The film also features the voices of Alan Tudyk, Angelique Cabral, Victor Garber, Natasha Rothwell, Jennifer Kumiyama, Evan Peters, Harvey Guillén, Ramy Youssef, Niko Vargas, Della Saba, and Jon Rudnitsky. Talk about an all-star cast!

And mark your calendars, because Wish is set to hit theaters on November 22. So whether you’re a fan of Chris Pine’s swoon-worthy voice, Ariana DeBose’s enchanting talent, or just delightful animated films in general, this is one movie you won’t want to miss!