Is Lala Kent hinting at a “Vanderpump Rules” Season 11 that’s both amazing and unique at BravoCon?

Lala Kent is teasing the new season of Vanderpump Rules in the aftermath of Scandoval. After Bravo announced at BravoCon that the reality series would be returning in January, Kent is hinting at what the show will look like in Season 11.

According to Deadline, Kent revealed during BravoCon that the new season is going to be a lot of things in one that fans have never seen before. She described it as incredible but different, and assured fans that they would love it but also go through a lot of emotions with the cast.

During BravoCon, Tom Sandoval received some negative reactions from fans, getting booed at different panels he appeared in. Kent explained that as a cast, they have had to navigate the complexities in their friendship dynamics, a situation she could relate to personally during her early years on the show.

“I think we all have to dig very deep to find compassion and make sense of things,” Kent said. “At the end of the day, I’m really angry at Sandoval for what he did but it’s been eight months and I want him to be able to live his life and not wear this forever.”

Having experienced the weight of public scrutiny herself, Kent expressed her empathy towards Sandoval and emphasized that she doesn’t wish anyone to bear the burden of constantly wearing something negative.

With all these teasers, fans are eagerly awaiting the new season of Vanderpump Rules, set to premiere in January. Brace yourselves for an incredible and emotionally charged ride!

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