Did Chris Harrison marry Lauren Zima in two weddings?

In a heartwarming turn of events, former host of ‘The Bachelor’ and its spinoffs, Chris Harrison, tied the knot with producer Lauren Zima not once, but twice. The couple celebrated their love story with two beautiful ceremonies, one in Napa Valley, California, on October 14 and another in Austin, Texas, on November 4. The intimate Napa Valley wedding consisted of close family and friends, while the Austin celebration was a grand affair that included several alums from the ‘Bachelor’ franchise.

The couple took to Instagram to share their joy, with Zima writing, “We’re married Let the journey begin…” alongside a photo of the newlyweds.

Chris Harrison provided some insights into the celebrations, revealing that the night before the ceremony, they gathered with their friends and loved ones to reminisce about their journey. He even playfully joked about sending ten of them home heartbroken, unable to attend the wedding.

To make the occasion even more special, the couple incorporated elements inspired by Chris Harrison’s former role. Signature cocktails with names such as “The Final Rose” and “The Bachelor No More” added a playful touch to the festivities.

While many wondered if Chris would officiate his own wedding, the couple enlisted the help of Chris’ longtime friend, Mike Levitt, to perform the ceremony. Chris Harrison, known for officiating several weddings within the ‘Bachelor’ franchise, couldn’t resist the lighthearted suggestion.

Napa Valley holds a special place in Chris and Lauren’s hearts as it is where Chris proposed to Lauren back in 2021. The night before their wedding ceremony, a welcome party was hosted by former ‘Bachelor’ Andrew Firestone at a local winery. During the reception, the couple’s daughter Taylor serenaded them with a beautiful cover of Leon Bridges’ “Beyond,” one of their favorite songs.

The decision to have two ceremonies was driven by their desire for intimate moments with their closest family and friends. Lauren shared that they wanted to ensure they had quality time with everyone, as wedding days tend to fly by. So, they opted for a smaller, more intimate ceremony with those who have been there for them since the start of their journey together.

Chris Harrison and Lauren Zima first crossed paths in 2016 when Lauren, a former correspondent for ‘Entertainment Tonight,’ interviewed Chris. Their professional relationship blossomed into a romantic one after several interviews. The couple has found unwavering support in each other, describing Chris as a teammate who supports Lauren in everything, and Lauren as not just brilliant, but also kind and loving towards others.

This marriage marks a fresh start for Chris Harrison, who was previously married to Gwen Harrison for 18 years before announcing their split in 2012. Now, surrounded by the love and happiness of their loved ones, Chris and Lauren are ready to embark on a new journey together as husband and wife.