What touching memory did John Stamos have with Matthew Perry on ‘Friends’?

John Stamos recently took to Instagram to pay tribute to Matthew Perry, sharing a heartwarming memory from when they worked together on the hit TV show Friends. Stamos, known for his role on Full House, recalled Perry’s generosity and kindness during their time on set.

Stamos began his post by mentioning that he and Perry had been friends long before their appearance on Friends. He explained that when he guest-starred as Zach, the prospective sperm donor for Chandler and Monica, he spent a lot of time with Perry. Stamos recounted a moment backstage before his entrance, when Perry whispered to him, “The audience is going go crazy when they see you! Get ready for some loud screams.”

However, when Stamos made his entrance, there was only silence from the audience. He felt embarrassed and thought about quitting showbiz right there. But Perry came to the rescue, addressing the studio audience and saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for John Stamos! You guys probably didn’t recognize him at first because he’s so much better looking in person!” Stamos expressed gratitude for Perry’s kind words and added, “I never forgot that and the world will never forget you.”

In the wake of Perry’s death, the Friends cast released a joint statement expressing their devastation and referring to themselves as a family. Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer signed the statement, promising that they will share more about their loss in due time.

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