Who are the potential Holly Willoughby replacements on This Morning?

We’re all eagerly awaiting the announcement of who will be taking over Holly Willoughby’s spot on This Morning. Rumours have been flying left, right, and centre, with names like Alison Hammond, Josie Gibson, and Rochelle Humes being thrown into the mix. But now, Steph McGovern and Storm Huntley have also emerged as potential replacements. So, here’s my personal ranking of the rumoured names and who I believe would be the perfect fit for Holly’s former job on This Morning. My top choice is Josie Gibson, followed closely by Alison Hammond.

Josie Gibson has been a part of This Morning for years and is a beloved figure among viewers. She brings a fun and bubbly energy to the show and has a great rapport and chemistry with her co-hosts. Josie can effortlessly transition from lighthearted segments to more serious ones, making her a well-rounded presenter. Plus, after enduring numerous rollercoasters and wearing ridiculous costumes, I believe she has earned the top spot on the This Morning sofa.

Alison Hammond, who has been hosting Fridays with Dermot O’Leary and recently took on a bigger role during the week, would also be an excellent choice. While her initial reception as a host was mixed, she has grown on viewers and her partnership with Dermot has flourished. Alison knows how to bring the fun but can also switch gears and get serious when necessary. If she were to replace Holly, the show would experience minimal changes, which may be welcomed by viewers who have already had enough upheaval this year.

Steph McGovern, following the cancellation of her daytime show Steph’s Packed Lunch, has received pleas from fans to join This Morning as a replacement for Holly Willoughby. With her natural presenting skills, ample daytime experience, and unquestionable qualifications, Steph would be a strong addition to the show. The aftermath of the Channel 4 axing clearly demonstrated Steph’s popularity, and I believe she would be a fantastic choice for This Morning.

Ruth Langsford, who previously hosted the Friday slot with her husband Eamonn Holmes, has also been suggested as a potential replacement. While many fans have expressed their desire for Ruth to return, I personally think that she would be better suited for occasional appearances over the summer rather than a full-time role. Ruth herself has hinted at potentially returning to the show for short stints, which aligns with my belief that her presence may be better appreciated in smaller doses.

Even though bookies have placed Rochelle Humes high on the list of potential replacements, I don’t think she would be the best fit for the job. Although she has filled in for Holly numerous times, I feel that Josie Gibson and Alison Hammond bring much more to the program compared to Rochelle. Viewer comments also seem to indicate a divisive reception towards Rochelle as a permanent host. Personally, I wouldn’t be as eager to tune in each morning if Rochelle were announced as the replacement.

Lastly, Storm Huntley, who has been rumoured to take over from Holly, finds herself at the bottom of my list. While I don’t doubt that she would make a solid addition to the show, it’s hard to accurately assess how she would fare since she hasn’t hosted This Morning before. Storm has acknowledged the rumours, but a potential scheduling conflict may prevent her from taking on the role. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that her placement at the bottom of the list doesn’t reflect a lack of talent or potential.

So, who should replace Holly Willoughby on This Morning? It’s ultimately up to the show’s producers to decide. But in my opinion, Josie Gibson would be the perfect choice, closely followed by Alison Hammond. Their charisma, experience, and ability to engage with viewers make them ideal candidates for the job. Regardless of who ends up taking over, it’s safe to say that This Morning will continue to deliver top-notch daytime television.

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