Did backlash for her 1993 Oscars Lewk discourage Whoopi Goldberg from dressing up?

Thirty years after Whoopi Goldberg opted to wear a gaudy purple-and-green get-up to the Academy Awards, she’s opening up about how the public’s negative reaction prompted her to shy away from dressing up “for a very long time.”

The actress spoke on the matter during a recent interview with Page Six, recalling that “everyone hated” it. As a result, Whoopi says the situation ultimately left her feeling hurt.

In fact, Goldberg noted that the ordeal ultimately “kept [her] from dressing up for a very long time.” She also recalled questioning, “Do I really look that ridiculous?”

“You have to remember, in those days, they would say things, and you’d think, ‘Do I really look that ridiculous?”

For context, the outfit was a lime green jumpsuit accentuated by a dramatic purple jacket, accompanied by a matching skirt draping down the sides of the then-37-year-old’s body. With the skirt’s bright green inside, Whoopi Goldberg appeared to step outside of her comfort zone with this memorable, eye-catching look. Of course, she was sure to pair the outfit with matching earrings and heels.

Whoopi Goldberg Says She “Absolutely” Stands By The Outfit While Explaining The Inspiration Behind It

Continuing, Whoopi Goldberg shared that her outfit was actually inspired by some of the get-ups that Lucille Ball’s I Love Lucy character, Lucy Ricardo, would rock. She also noted that, as green was not a color she “would normally wear,” she opted to try something new.

“Lucy would always come out in these great ensembles. And I thought, I would like to wear that! And green is not a color I would normally wear; let me try it!”

Despite what present-day and past fashion critics may think, though, Whoopi says that she “absolutely” stands by her decision.


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