Is Jasmine feeling trapped after moving to Michigan to be with Gino?

In the wake of the latest season of 90 Day Fiance kicking off with a bang, viewers were eagerly awaiting the second episode. In a sneak peek video, Jasmine Pineda arrives in Michigan for the first time, ready to start her 90-day journey with Gino Palazzolo. However, her mind is not focused on their love and their future together. Instead, she is less than thrilled about her new surroundings, likening them to “hell.”

From the moment she steps foot in Michigan, Jasmine can’t help but complain about the cold. Despite wearing multiple layers of clothing, she still finds herself freezing. Gino tries to explain to her that this is just the normal weather in Michigan, not air conditioning, but Jasmine isn’t convinced. In fact, she even goes as far as to say that she hates it.

For those who dislike hearing others complain about the cold, Jasmine’s attitude might not be endearing. However, for those who love to whine about cozy weather and lack of sweat, Jasmine becomes relatable. She marvels at Gino’s visible breath in the cold, but it’s not a pleasant marvel. Coming from Panama, this is an entirely new experience for her, and she makes it clear that she was not made for this type of weather.

In a confessional interview, Jasmine expresses her discomfort and fear of freezing to death from hypothermia. She even questions how anyone can live in such a place. Gino teases her, saying that she will find out the hard way, referring to his driving skills, but it leaves viewers wondering if there is a deeper foreshadowing to come.

Once they are in the car, Jasmine appears to be more comfortable, appreciating the butt-warmers. However, she gazes out and all she sees is gray. She is not a fan of overcast weather. Despite her complaints, she is still happy to be there with Gino, as they exchange affectionate hand kisses. However, she does remind him to focus on the road, leading viewers to wonder if these moments are being emphasized for a reason.

It’s important to note that Gino and Jasmine filmed their segment in late winter, likely late February or early March, while many viewers are watching during mid-October heat. Jasmine’s dislike for one of the coldest states in the US is apparent, as she describes it as “like hell, but the winter version of hell.” The gloomy and dark atmosphere of Michigan screams depression to her. It’s possible that the gray cloud cover exacerbates any potential seasonal affective disorder she may have.

Despite her negative comments, Jasmine doesn’t regret her decision to live with Gino. She adds a touch of humor by saying that God probably didn’t intend for people to live in Michigan, even though they insist on doing so. It remains to be seen if Jasmine will adapt to her new home or if changes in weather will affect her mood positively or negatively.

Overall, Jasmine’s arrival in Michigan has proven to be less than ideal for her. Although her complaints about the cold and gloomy weather might not resonate with everyone, her candidness and humor make her relatable to some viewers. It will be interesting to see how she adjusts to her new surroundings and if her perspective on Michigan changes over time.