Did welcoming a child with Jesseca Harris-Dupart make Da Brat’s bond ‘stronger’?

Da Brat, the famous rapper, has recently welcomed her first child, True Legend, with her partner Jesseca Harris-Dupart. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight at the 2023 BET Hip Hop Awards, Da Brat expressed her joy and love for being a mother, emphasizing that there is no love like the love of a mother for her child.

Da Brat also mentioned that welcoming their son has made her bond with Jesseca even stronger. She explained that the experience of becoming parents together has created an incredible bond between them that she didn’t think was possible. The love they have for their son has deepened their connection as a couple.

One interesting revelation from Da Brat is that she is enjoying every aspect of motherhood, including the messy parts. She shared a humorous incident where her son pooped on her for the first time, and instead of being bothered by it, she loved it. This shows her complete acceptance and joy in embracing all aspects of being a mother.

Moving on to her recent posts about her son, Da Brat took the opportunity to express her gratitude for the gift of motherhood on National Sons Day. She posted a video on Instagram showcasing various pictures of her and True Legend, expressing her deepest gratitude for this beautiful gift in her life. She also mentioned how much joy their son brings them and how being a part of the motherhood club has been an amazing experience.

In another heartfelt post, Da Brat shared a video of herself holding True Legend and wrote a caption expressing her overwhelming love for him. She mentioned that she has never been so in love and feels incredibly blessed to be his mother.

The bond between Da Brat, Jesseca, and their son is truly special. The rapper’s journey into motherhood has brought her and Jesseca closer together, deepening their love for each other. Da Brat’s posts on social media reflect her immense joy and gratitude for the blessing of becoming a mother.

These moments shared by Da Brat show the world the joy and love that parenthood brings. It is a beautiful testimony to the unique bond between a parent and a child, and the way it can strengthen the bond between partners as well. Da Brat’s journey into motherhood has been empowering and transformative, and she is embracing every moment of it with great love and joy.