Did Martin Scorsese discuss Lily Gladstone and “The King of Comedy” in a TikTok video?

Martin Scorsese, the esteemed director, has recently gained TikTok fame thanks to his daughter Francesca. In a recent video posted on the popular social media platform, Scorsese can be seen trying to decipher internet slang, with Francesca testing his knowledge of Generation Z words.

The video, complete with a high-pitched voice effect, shows Scorsese being asked about the meanings behind various slang terms. While he was able to explain phrases like “give someone the ‘ick'” and “hits different,” he struggled with understanding terms like “sneaky link” (meaning a secret hookup) and “ship” (referring to wishing for two people to enter a relationship).

However, amidst the lighthearted quiz, there were also a couple of insightful moments about Scorsese’s work. He discussed Lily Gladstone’s performance in his upcoming movie, “Killers of the Flower Moon,” mentioning how she “ate” the screen. Scorsese explained that people used to say she “ruled” the screen, and praised her for doing very well in the role.

Another interesting revelation came when Scorsese was asked about the meaning of “slept on.” Francesca used this term to describe his film, “The King Of Comedy,” and Scorsese interpreted it as people hating the film when it was initially released. He mentioned that it was labeled as the flop of the year on “Entertainment Tonight,” but remained unfazed by the negative reception, saying “It’s ok, it’s alright.”

To wrap up the quiz, Francesca and Scorsese delved into the meanings of “slaps” and “slays,” with Francesca declaring that their video “slays,” to which Scorsese responded, “That means it’s really good.” This exchange demonstrates Scorsese’s ability to adapt to and understand contemporary slang.

Overall, the video showcases Scorsese’s willingness to engage with popular culture and highlights his daughter’s influence on his online presence. As the decorated director continues to reach new audiences through social media platforms like TikTok, it will be interesting to see what other aspects of his life and work he shares with his growing fan base.