What does David Beckham think about the romantic rumors involving Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce?

‘She Deserves to Be Happy’

David Beckham isn’t impressed with all the gossip and speculation surrounding the rumored relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. The famous soccer player and husband of former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham recently showed his support for Taylor in a new statement. He addressed the media attention and noise surrounding the singer and American football tight end, saying, “There’s a lot of noise around Taylor at the moment.”

Despite the intense spotlight on Taylor, David believes that she deserves to find happiness. He added, “Taylor is an amazing talent and she’s an amazing person, and she deserves to be happy. Whatever she does and whoever she’s with, as long as she’s happy, that’s the most important thing.”

The rumors about Taylor and Travis began when Travis admitted that he had tried to give Taylor his phone number on a friendship bracelet during one of her concerts. He expressed disappointment when Taylor didn’t interact with him, jokingly stating that he was “a little butt-hurt” about it. However, a few weeks later, reports started emerging that the two were quietly hanging out.

A source reportedly told Entertainment Tonight that Travis had been interested in Taylor for a while and had a crush on her. They described him as a simple guy who is funny, charismatic, chill, and loves playing football. Since then, Taylor has been spotted supporting Travis at Kansas City Chiefs football games and even spent time with his mom, Donna Kelce.

All this public interest has attracted more attention to Travis, which he acknowledges. During a podcast episode with his brother Jason Kelce, Travis admitted that he brought all the attention to himself with the friendship bracelet and his feeling of disappointment. He said, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take!”

In the end, it’s clear that David Beckham supports Taylor Swift and her pursuit of happiness. Despite the noise and gossip surrounding her love life, David recognizes Taylor’s talent and believes that her happiness should be the top priority. As fans continue to follow Taylor’s journey, it remains to be seen what the future holds for her and Travis Kelce.