Why didn’t Gino’s ex sign a prenup? Does the thought of writing a will scare him?

During Part 1 of the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 6 Tell All special, the cast members didn’t hold back in labeling Jasmine and Gino as the most toxic couple. And honestly, it’s hard to argue with that. They were even more toxic than Riley and Violet, who were thankfully no longer together. In Part 2 of the special, Gino and Jasmine finally opened up about the conflicts that led to their explosive and nasty fights. One of the major issues was the prenup.

Gino admitted that he didn’t ask his first wife, Denise, to sign a prenup. Denise was from Brazil and Gino met her there while working. He brought her back to Michigan on a K-1 visa. In a sneak peek clip from Entertainment Tonight, Gino explained why he didn’t ask Denise to sign a prenup, saying, “She was working and she had her own retirement account with good investments.” So, it seemed like that situation didn’t require a prenuptial agreement.

But when it comes to Gino and Jasmine’s relationship, things are different. Gino confessed that Jasmine’s request for him to write a will scared him. Jasmine hasn’t met his family yet, and if something were to happen to him, she doesn’t trust that they would help her. She worries about ending up all alone in Michigan and having to return to Panama in mourning. This request from Jasmine left Gino feeling spooked. “First of all, when I hear she wants to do a will, that scares me,” Gino said. “Like, what, am I going to be murdered? And it’s like, we haven’t even gotten married yet. That scares me.”

During the Tell All, they had a thoughtful debate about the topic. Meisha, who was on Team Jasmine, believed that a prenup immediately puts someone on guard. On the other hand, Statler and Dempsey disagreed and pointed out that you never know what can happen in the future. It’s important to protect yourself and your assets in case things go sour.

Now, let’s talk about prenups in general. We want to make it clear that we are not legal experts, but we have discussed prenups before. In simple terms, everyone who gets married has a “prenup” in the form of the laws of the state or country where the marriage takes place. If Gino and Jasmine were to marry, live, and divorce in Michigan, for example, their divorce and asset division would happen according to Michigan law.

If Gino and Jasmine are happy with what Michigan law offers in terms of asset division, then they may not see the need for a prenup. However, if they disagree with the current laws, they can create their own agreement that aligns with their wishes. It’s essential for each of them to have their own attorney to help navigate the process and ensure that their interests are protected.

It’s important to realize that prenups aren’t just for the wealthy. They can be valuable for any couple, especially when there’s a significant difference in assets or when one partner has significant debts. Prenups can provide a fair and clear plan for asset division in the event of a divorce. And contrary to popular belief, prenups aren’t necessarily a sign that a couple doesn’t trust each other or is planning for a future separation. They can simply be a practical and responsible step to protect everyone involved.

It seems that Gino and Jasmine view prenups differently. While they have had their fair share of fights and disagreements, they haven’t been able to see eye to eye on this issue. But hopefully, they can find a way to come to an agreement that gives them both peace of mind and allows them to move forward in their relationship with confidence.