Will Sophia Loren undergo surgery after fracturing her femur in a fall?

In unfortunate news, beloved Italian acting icon Sophia Loren recently took a nasty fall in her own home, resulting in a fractured femur and a few other broken bones. Ouch! According to reports from The Hollywood Reporter, Sophia slipped and fell in the bathroom of her Swiss residence, causing these painful injuries.

As a result of her accident, all of Sophia’s upcoming engagements have been canceled. This is surely a major disappointment for her fans, but her health and recovery take precedence. The Hollywood Reporter states that Sophia has sustained several fractures to her hip, as well as a serious fracture to her femur, which required surgery.

Considering her age and the nature of the surgery, a lengthy rehabilitation period is expected. However, there is a glimmer of hope as the family remains cautiously optimistic about her recovery. Sophia, who was married to Carlo Ponti until his passing in 2007, has two sons: Carlo Ponti and Edoardo Ponti. Edoardo is married to former NCIS star Sasha Alexander.

Despite this setback, Sophia Loren has proven time and time again that she is a resilient and determined woman. Her most recent appearance on the big screen was in Netflix’s film “The Life Ahead,” which was released last year. Although her injury may temporarily slow her down, we have no doubt that Sophia will bounce back with her trademark grace and strength.

We wish Sophia Loren a speedy and successful recovery. Our thoughts are with her and her family during this challenging time. Stay strong, Sophia!