Did Sophia Loren Have Several Fractures After Hospitalization Following a Fall?

Italian actress Sophia Loren, who celebrated her 89th birthday just a few days ago, is currently hospitalized after a fall at her home in Switzerland. The talented actress suffered several fractures, including one in her femur, and underwent emergency surgery on Sunday. Although the situation is serious, there is cautious optimism about her recovery.

The incident occurred in Loren’s bathroom, where she fell and sustained fractures to her hip and femur. According to a source close to the actress, the surgery went well, and now she will undergo a short period of convalescence followed by a long rehabilitation process.

News of Loren’s fall was initially revealed by a restaurant she was scheduled to open in the Italian city of Bari on September 26. Unfortunately, all of her upcoming engagements have been canceled due to her hospitalization. This includes the honorary citizenship she was set to receive from the city. It is undoubtedly a disappointing turn of events for the iconic actress.

Loren’s two sons, Carlo and Edoardo, are reportedly by her side at the hospital. Notably, Edoardo directed his mother in her most recent feature film, “The Life Ahead,” which was released on Netflix in 2020. The film earned Loren a David di Donatello Award for Best Actress. Additionally, a documentary about the actress titled “What Would Sophia Loren Do?” premiered on Netflix earlier this year.

Prior to her fall, Loren made a public appearance at the Armani fashion show in Venice on September 2. The event took place during the 80th Venice Film Festival, and it was one of her most recent public appearances.

We hope for a speedy recovery for the beloved actress. Sophia Loren has left an indelible mark on the world of cinema and has captivated audiences with her talent for decades. Let’s send our well wishes to her and hope for a full and swift recovery.